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Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenerios!
Story published August 5, 2013 · updated 8 months ago · 46 pages · 10,719 readers · 138,865 reads
Valentine's Da
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Valentine's Day


He gave you a bunch of roses and gave you a small teddy bear. 

Eyeless Jack

He gave you a (human) heart and a box full of chocolates.

Ben Drowned

Both of you played video games all day and watched Grown Ups.

Jeff the Killer

Let you have a major killing head start and wrote "I Love You" in blood.

Lost Silver 

He gave you your very own Pokemon and it was a Pikachu! 


He gave you a sweet kiss on the cheek and he gave you a necklace that has your favorite color.


He took you to your favorite place and he actually enjoyed it! 

Ticci Toby

He gave you a cute necklace with a smiling waffle and you two watched movies with a sweet kiss on the cheek.

Laughing Jack

He gave you a small puppy and you named him Snickers. (Yes, like the chocolate bar )

Human! BRVR

He gave you a lightning bolt necklace and played Pokémon X and Y with you.

Hope you enjoy this!~<3