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The Broadway Homestuck Critique
Story published August 5, 2013 · updated August 18, 2013 · 1 page · 26 readers · 56 reads
Broadway Aradia-
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Broadway Aradia- Dead Problems - Analysis

This song in particular... i give it a 


Though Aradia isn't my favorite, I see potential in her and her songs.
Her voice actor (VA) has very nice range, and fits her character very well.

This song, in my opinion is Aradia trying to explain to everyone that even though she's dead, she should be treated the same as the living. She says that she is misunderstood, which she mostly is.

From a recently acquired Aradia headcanon, Aradia is just jealous of Vriska and Feferi, especially Feferi, because once Aradia was dead, Sollux became Matesprits with Feferi, leaving Aradia behind.

-Remeber, I am entitled to my own opinion. Please like and comment, if you want, and remember this as well! I do not own homestuck!-