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Beyblade truth or dare
Story published August 7, 2013 · updated October 11, 2013 · 1 page · 104 readers · 262 reads
masamunae & ky
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Masamunae & kyoya

                          AT MADOKAS PLACE
madoka:ok time to play truth or dare
kyoya: im in
tsubasa: im in
yu: im in
gingka&masuna:im in
madoka: ok masuna truth or dare
masuna: im no chicken so dare
madoka:i dare u tell to gingka hes number 1
masamuna:NO WAY
madoka:so ur a chiken
masuna:fine gingka ur 1
gingka: finely u admit it
masuna: ok yu truth or dare
yu: truth
masamune:ok chiken has tsubasa beat u in a battle
yu: dont call me chiken also yes
masuna: hahahaha
yu: whatever yoyo truth or dare
kyoya: stop calling me that and dare
yu:(spirks darkly)ok i dare u to dress up like a girl
kyoya: WHAT THE CRAP YU !!!
gingka: hahahaahh i cant wait to see this
kyoya: shut up
yu: do the dare
sorry dont have a pitcure
       5min later
kyoya: oh dear i hate this
gingka:i think we need to call u miss tategami
kyoya : call me that i will punch the crap out of u