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Beyblade truth or dare
Story published August 7, 2013 · updated October 11, 2013 · 1 page · 104 readers · 262 reads
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me:hello people time to play truth or dare
everyone: NOOOOOOOO
me : to bad ok kyoya truth or dare
kyoya: dare
me: ok hmm i dare u to were ur hair down all day and be called miss tategami
kyoya :what !!!!!!!
gigka: hello miss tategami
kyoya : urgh i hate u baylee
me : i kow miss tategami
kyoya: tsubasas truth or dare
tsubasa : dare
kyoya: i dare u to rap ur arms around madokad waist and kiss her till i say stop 
Tsubasa & Madoka : what!!!!
kyoya : hahhahahahahahah
tsubasa kisses Madoka
1 min. later
tsubasa :(panting for air) i  h-hate u
kyoya:i know
i will write more