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Camp Rock 2(Nick Jonas Love story)
Story published August 9, 2013 · updated 5 months ago · 6 pages · 2,367 readers · 10,493 reads
Chapter 3
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Chapter 3

S: Shane M: Mitchie N: Nate H: Hayley T: Tess J: Jason C: Caitlyn D; Dana P: Peggy
HPOV: I woke up with a big grin on my face my suitcase was already in the car along with mitchies and I had my phone and my song book and I got changed and hoped in the car to see mitchie and my mom already in it
Mom: so you girls excited
M; yes omg
H: yea
SO we drove there and we got there and I got to meet mitchies friends they were all pretty cool so we became friends soon
and then a truck came up with chickens it in
S: hi Micthie
M: *Laughs and hugs him*
N: *sees Hayley and kinda stops*
So they all went into there bunks and tess went over to camp star so nate was sitting on a bench when shane and mitchie went for a canoe ride
HPOV: so as micthie was with a shane I decided to go find someone to hang out with so I say nate sitting on a bench well I think it was him I ony see the back of his head
H: Hey
N: *falls off bench*
H: oh my god are you ok
N: yea im fine so um hi
H: hey your nate right?
N: yea and your mitchies sister Hayley
H: yup that's me
N: um so
S; hey guys wanna go canoeing with us
H: weren't you just canoeing
M: yea but we decided to go again
H: sure ill go
S: nate you going
N: nah no thanks I don't really like canoeing
H:*bites lip* ill go ask Caitlyn
HPOV: I went to go find Caitlyn kinda disaponted nate didn't want to go but oh well he seems weird so idk 
D: ill go with her *catches up to her*
S: Nate I was trying to get you to alone and you totally ruined it
N maybe I just don't like her that way
S: really you don't oh ok
N: yup see you don't know me
S: mhm what ever
HPOV; Caitlyn didn't wanna go looks like ill ask Jason really hoping he says yes lol
H: hey Jason wanna go canoeing
J: sure
H omg thanks k demi leggo
SO they all started walking to the canoes
H: *looks back and waves*
N: *looks away *
HPOV: ok then he seems nice yea no
After canoeing
DPOV: that was the best Hayley and  Jason fell over like 10 times then tipped us so we swam so we are drenched lol
H well that was fun lol
S yeah except I think im getting a rash from my jeans rubbing
C TMI shane
S *looks up and kaughs* sorry
D: you guys wanna go on a picnic later
J cant helping my junior rockers
H and I don't wanna be the 3rd wheel
S: I can find someone else to go so your not
H ok then sure
D: see you guys soon


:D thanks for reading please follow my goal is 300 :)