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High School Scandal! |Niall Horan Fanfiction|
Story published August 9, 2013 · updated 9 months ago · 34 pages · 3,026 readers · 19,610 reads
Chapter 1 ~ Locked
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Chapter 1 ~ Locked In!


Lauren’s POV
Walking down the school corridor towards the lunch hall with Autumn and Courtney, my two best friends, we kept getting weird looks off everyone. I guess that’s because we were considered the ‘nerds’ of the school.

You see, in my group there’s only 3 of us, me, Autumn and Courtney. Me and Courtney have been best of friends since birth, because of mothers were on the same ward together. I was born on the 16th October and she was born on the 11th December. You’re probably wondering why we’re born far apart yet on the same wards? Well it’s because I was born pre-mature and I nearly died so I had to stay in hospital to make sure I was okay and that’s where we met.

When we were 6 Autumn moved to our town and we instantly became best friends and we’ve been together ever since. We’ve always kept to ourselves and always behaved and got our work done and we were quite smart, so we were instantly named as the ‘nerds’ but we didn’t mind.

When we got into the hall we went to the line and I bought a cookie and bottle of lemonade, Courtney got a ham sandwich, cookie and a cherry cola and Autumn got a bottled water and a packet of fruit. We sat at our usual table, the one in the far corner, as far as possible away from the jocks and cheerleaders table. Although Courtney doesn’t like us for that though. She has a crush on the main jock, Harry Styles.

In their group there is: Harry Styles, curly haired, green eyed, dimples. Louis Tomlinson, deep brown haired, blue eyed, likes to get his own way. Zayn Malik, the quiet one, always had a mirror with him. Liam Payne, the most mature one, has a strange phobia of spoons. And finally: Niall Horan. The irish cutie wait what, cutie? I did not say that! He’s got natural brown hair, as you can tell from his roots but he dyes it blonde, got slightly crooked teeth but he recently had braces put on and he LOVES food.

When lunch was finished we walked out the hall quietly, but someone bumped into me, causing me to drop my books and bag. I leant down to pick them up and bashed heads with Niall.

“OW!” We both said at the same time, sat on the floor rubbing our heads. “I’m sorry love. Katy pushed into you on purpose I think and I wanted to help.” He said in his iris accent.

“It’s okay. I don’t mind I’m used to it.” I picked all my books up and stood up then Niall handed me my bag. “Thank you.” He was about to say something but Katy dragged him off.

“Come on baby. Leave that nerd alone, she’s useless, let’s go.” Then they were around the corner and I just ignored it and walked off to our lockers so we could get our stuff ready to leave for our trip away.

Every year before in the middle of the year, the school organises certain trips out. They have nothing to do with it; we get to choose where they’re just there to pay for us. Me and the girls were going to somewhere in Dover at a camp with activities to do.

We got to our lockers and emptied the stuff we’d need into it and put our books and stuff into it, we’d be coming back here when we’ve finished the trip so we didn’t need to take our school stuff with us. We locked our lockers and saw we were the last students to go get our suitcases from the sports hall, apart from the jocks and cheerleaders. I’m not surprised, they always try and drag things out as long as possible. Even the teachers were gone on their ‘holiday’. At least they won’t be stressed when they get back.

We got our suitcases and went to the doors, behind the jocks and Liam pushed on the door but it didn’t budge. What?

“Erm… guys I think we’re locked it…” He said nervously.

“OH GREAT! Now what are we gunna do? Stuck in school with the worst people in the world!” Autumn mumbled in my ear and I giggled at her.

“Don’t worry, we’ll survive, somehow…” I was hesitant at the end, guess why?

“NO! Our lives are over! We’re never going to get out of here and we’ll all go all wrinkly and old and die!” Katy was complaining and sobbing onto Niall’s shoulder who was looking very uncomfortable trying to get her off him. Time to get ready for some memorable moments… if we can survive Kat whining constantly…