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Story published August 9, 2013 · updated September 11, 2013 · 3 pages · 6,103 readers · 13,988 reads
BEN drowned origin
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BEN drowned origin story

BEN was just a average kid who loved video games legend of Zelda more specifically. His Dad was a heavy drinker but it was never a problem. When Ben got legend of Zelda majora's mask he was so excited he had wanted this game for months, as soon as he got it he rushed to his room and put it in the N64 and played it all night. At school Ben didn't have many friends yet he had many bullies. As he got further in the game he started playing it more...more than he should have. His Dad was getting concerned about the time his son was using for the game, he made lots of plans for cool places they could go but it never got carried out. As the days went by BEN was getting further in the game further to the final dungeon and more importantly the final boss, yet in a way he didn't want to beat it because his fun would end and he would go back to being the depressed little kid he was before he knew he could replay the game but it wouldn't be the same it's never the same the second time, all the wonder and difficulty it had the first time. Being a person that has played majora's mask I understand what he was going through I sometimes compare myself to BEN, my friends say that if I was born in about year 2000 I could be BEN reincarnated, silly joke I know. Ben got to the stone tower temple on the final day and saved the went to bed. The next day his dad had a surprise that he would probably like. They were going to a local lake that was usually empty. Ben didn't get a choice to stay at home, if he had stayed at home he would have beat the game, he would have lived. Almost as soon as they got there Ben's dad pulled out some beer. He hated when his dad drank. He sat on shore until it got to hot to stand the heat then he ran and splashed into the water, he still rather be at home beating the game. Suddenly Ben's dad got mad that he splashed him. "YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE DONE THAT BEN!!" He yelled and lunged after him. Ben swam as fast as he possibly could but it wasn't that fast. Ben's drunk dad slammed him under the water, Ben wasn't going down without a fight. He grabbed his dad's arm and twisted it around causing him to let go. Ben burst to the surface gasping for air. Suddenly something blunt hit him on the head. He fell harshly to the bottom of the lake, somehow a shattering beer bottle paralyzed him. Just before everything faded the happy mask salesmen popped in his mind with the words" you've met with a terrible fate haven't you BEN?" As he finally ran out of breath.