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A Wonderful Fate (A Ben Drowned Love Story)
Story published August 11, 2013 · updated 5 months ago · completed · 81 pages · 13,787 readers · 181,193 reads
Chapter Seventeen
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Chapter Seventeen

Most had gone back inside when they heard the news. They had no choice, the Creepypastas were feared immensely. So Slenderman took the dying girl in his arms and compelled a nurse, whom was just walking into the entrance, to take care of her. Once the faceless man disappeared the woman called for help.
Silver only could watch through the window as the nurses and people in white coats got Rachel's heart rate back to normal. BEN, who supposedly loved her, decided to stay back and wait until Clarissa would wake up. Masky and BEN were both falling head over heels for the pink-haired girl from Lavender Town. Silver was furious at the green demon for not coming with him to the hospital.
"How is she?" Silver heard a deep voice say from behind him, through the reflection he saw Trenderman with a solemn expression across his blank face. Silver only shrugged, he usually never responded to anybody when people would talk to him, with the exception of Rachel.
"I don't think BEN and her are supposed to be together. It should have been you and Rachel, Silver. BEN seems to be in love with this girl from Lavender Town, now is your chance to win her over." And just like that Trenderman departed away, leaving Silver curious to why he would suggest that. Sure Silver loved Rachel but she was BEN's. Was.
He watched silently as the brunette girl's hair fell back as she sat up. Rachel was now awake, but not something he expected to happen... happened. His unkowns came out of his pocket and opened the window for him, Silver climbed in with confusion across his usually sad face.
"Hey Ray," Silver whispered, sitting down next to her. Rachel stayed silent, tears brimming her eyes. She then mouthed something to him, 'I can't speak'.
Maybe they were meant to be together.
"Here," He croaked, giving her a brochure from the nightstand next to the bed, along with a pencil.
I don't want to go back, Silver. No BEN = Happy Rachel.
Silver nodded in understanding as he read it. As soon as he set it down on the sheets, Rachel tackled him in a hug. Not a hug for seeing him again, but a hug for comfort. She was in need of someone being there for her.
That someone being Silver.

At the house, Clarissa had just woken up. She took one look at the two boy's in front of her and literally fell in love with BEN. Like it was love at first sight. BEN remembered Clarissa leading him into his room before they did it.
As soon as he woke up from his four hour sleep, he untangled himself from the pink haired girl, and raced down the staircase. He was hoping to see Rachel in the living room with everyone laughing but the other's only shook their heads. Some gave him a look of betrayal other's gave him a look of disgust. BEN had sex with someone that was not Rachel. That was not with his mate.
And to that, Rachel was not home with Silver.
Where were they?

Rachel and Silver both went out the window. Right next to the Hospital was a forest, it wan't the Creepypasta forest though. It was a different one.
"Let's go see if there's shelter," Rachel said just as a cabin appeared in sight. The lights were on, signaling that there were people.
"Go do your thing," She whispered. Silver nodded and five minutes later he had exited the house with his unknowns dragging in shocked bodies. His Hurry set the bodies on fire as the two entered their new home.
Suddenly a burning was across her shoulder. The burning was from his mark.
Her screams echoed the forest, screams of pain.
"BEN," Silver whispered in shock. BEN had taken Rachel for granted by cheating on her. Now Silver had an actual chance with Rachel.

A/N: Sorry, it's short. I know. What do you think of Rachel and Silver? 
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"You're mine now." 

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