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K-Pop Imagines/One Shots (Requests Welcome!) :)
Story published August 11, 2013 · updated 4 weeks ago · 200 pages · 3,505 readers · 17,001 reads
Luhan (EXO #2)
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Luhan (EXO #2)

Requested by: Kim Seo Hyeon :)

You were sitting in your car, taking deep breaths. Today was the first day of your new job as a magazine model for Nature Republic and, like usual, you were nervous. You got out of the car and started walking towards the building. The big doors glided open when you were close to them and you walked into the lobby. You made your way over to the front desk and asked the woman where you were supposed to go. She told you to take a seat as she picked up the phone and called your new boss.

You sat down on one of the leather chairs and flicked through one of the Nature Republic magazines which were lying on the table.

“Kim Seo Hyeon, I presume?” you jumped at the sound of a voice talking to you, you looked up and saw a man in his late 30’s; you realised that this was your boss.

“Yes Sir, I’m Kim Seo Hyeon.” You said, standing up and bowing to him.

“Great! Come with me, and we’ll get you all dolled up and ready for your first photo-shoot.”

You followed the man through another set of doors and entered a room filled with lights, cameras, screens and lots of people just standing around.

“This is where you’ll be shooting the photos.” Your boss explained. You exited the room and walked down the rest of the corridor to another large room which held tables filled with makeup and other beauty products.

“I’ll leave you now in the care of this lovely lady, Park Bom. She’ll be your makeup and hair stylist for today.” He left the room and you introduced yourself to your stylist, who was very lovely like your boss at said.

It took a while for you to get ready; you had to get all your makeup and hair redone and get changed into a totally different outfit.

Soon you were ready and Bom helped you walk to the photo-shoot room, just making sure that everything was perfect for your first ever photo-shoot.

You entered the room and with a ‘Good Luck’ and thumbs up from Bom, you walked up to the screen with confidence. What you didn’t expect was the fact that K-Pop boy group EXO were going to be there as well! You were a big fan of EXO and you couldn’t keep your eyes off of your bias Luhan. Unfortunately he noticed and walked over to you, making you quickly look in another direction.

“Hey, I saw you staring at me just then. Are you a fan or something?”

“If I’m honest, yes I am.”

“That’s pretty cool. I’ve never seen you here before, are you new?”

“Yeah I am, it’s my first day today.”

“I can already tell that you’re going to be a great model.” Luhan said, flashing you a smile before he had to go and shoot some photos.

“I’ve gotta go now but I would love to catch up later, if you’re free that is.”

“It depends on how long for shoot goes for but sure I would love that.”

You watched as the boy walked back to his bandmates and smiled a small smile.

Your shoot lasted for over an hour and when you finally got back to the dressing room and changed into your normal clothes, you were exhausted.

You heard a small knock on the door and turned to see Luhan standing in the doorway.

“I told you! You were great out there, I can’t believe you said it was your first modelling gig; you were absolutely brilliant!”

“Haha thank you Luhan, but I don’t think I can compare to some of the masters of the modelling industry just yet.”

“So are you still up for going out and getting to know each other? He asked

“Sure let’s go.” Even though you were tired from the photo-shoot you agreed.

“Sweet! I’ll let the guys know where I’m going and then we can go.” He said, running off down the hallway.

You giggled at his cuteness and started taking off the heavy eye makeup that Bom had put on earlier.

“Alright that’s done. Let’s go!” you heard Luhan catch his breath and turned to him smiling.

“I’m ready to go” you replied.

“Wow, your eyes are so pretty!!!”

“It’s the makeup; it has made them all darker” you replied, blushing at his compliment

“No it’s really not, you have gorgeous eyes!”

You realised that Luhan had walked into the room now, closer to you.

“L-Luhan, you’re getting really close”

“I know. Kim Seo Hyeon, I hardly know you yet I think I may have fallen in love with you. Will you be my girlfriend?”

“Lu Han yes I will be your girlfriend!” you whispered

In that moment he leaned into you and kissed you full on the mouth. You were surprised at first but soon relaxed and started kissing back, which made him smile. You closed your eyes and all that was going around in your head at that precise moment was ‘LUHAN IS KISSING ME!’

You broke the kiss for much needed air and looked up at the boy standing in front of you.

“Wow… not only are you a great model, you’re a great kisser as well!”
“Oh shut up!”

“You’re cute, you know that right?”

“I know now haha”

“Well, you’re going to be hearing that a lot from me now”


“I love you Kim Seo Hyeon”

“I love you too Lu Han”
I hope you like it! Thank you for the request as well :) xx
I can actually imagine Luhan doing something like this to be honest