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Harry's Bite
Story published August 11, 2013 · updated 9 months ago · completed · 170 pages · 25,538 readers · 313,696 reads
The Bite
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The Bite

                You run until you just couldn’t take it anymore. Each step became harder and harder. You felt your lungs gasping for air. You were losing all strength. ‘I can’t let them get me.’ You thought. ‘I have to escape. I heard a twig snap near me. You grip your leg and tried to run again going deeper into the forest.  You could barely breathe you wanted to give up, admit defeat, but the thought of it getting you drives you continue.  You were about to die and you knew it. You trip and fall. You groan biting your lip to prevent you from screaming. You look up and see them. You tear off a piece of your shirt and make a bandage.  Tired, exhausted, alone, covered in blood, and in immense pain you continued to walk know the next time you had to stop they would catch you. Hot tears stream down your face you know that left marks on your face because it was covered in dirt and blood.  You breathed more heavily, gasping for any kind of air. You were moving at turtle speed when you felt a hand grab your wrist. You looked at the face that you once loved, but know is trying to kill you. Fangs emerge from his smile. His eyes darker than the night sky stare at you. You fell them stare at your soul.
                “Where are you going, Kitten?” His smile was twisted and made the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end.
                “I-I-I.” You stammered. You hated yourself for sounding like a child in front of him, giving him the satisfaction that you were weak compared to him.  
                “Shhhh…” He brought a finger to his lips and smiled wider revealing his white, sharp fangs, which you knew craved your blood.  He glanced down at your leg “Look at what you did, I love you, but you need to be more careful. I can make the pain stop. Make it so you never feel pain again.” He moved the hair away from your neck, and sneered. “Just say the word and I’ll make it all stop.”
                “N-n-never.” You stuttered. 
                “I wanted to do this the easy way, but…” Harry smile went from ear to ear. Rapidly he pierced your skin with his sharp fangs. You felt him start to drain the blood out of your veins. You didn’t know it was possible, but you became weaker and started to collapse. You felt one of his strong arms wrap around your waist. The other hand gripped you neck, bracing it so that he could dig his fangs in deeper. He started slow and gentle, but as he continued his attack gained ferocity and violence.
                “That’s enough.”  A familiar voice warns him. “Stop or, you’ll kill her.” You feel him pull his fangs out reluctantly. His warm tongue glides across your sore skin, licking it. He was getting any blood that he had missed in his initial attack.  A slow moan left his lips as he pulled his tongue back into his mouth.
                “Your blood is… sensational.” He hummed.  You were dizzy as you felt the world around you spin. Your brain ached due to your senses being heighted. You could hear a the sound of a leaf falling from a tree your head snapped in the direction, but you quickly whipped it in the opposite direction as you smelt the  warm, fresh blood from a young rabbit. You looked down at your leg which had previously been mangled but was now perfectly smooth. It looked better than it did before it was wounded.  You licked your lips as the smell of the rabbit became more dominate. You wanted to pounce on it and feel its blood enter your mouth. You heard its heart beating rhythmically, the sound of its nose starting to twitch as it sensed a predator.  You knew that it sensed you. You moved to strike, but his arms tightened around you constricting you from your goal.
                “Let me go.” You growled through clenched fangs.
                “Not yet Kitten, not yet.”