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The battle of Quotev
Story published August 12, 2013 · updated 11 months ago · 4 pages · 65 readers · 204 reads
The message.
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The message.

*coughs Awkwardly* Hi! Uh, I have neglected this.... Apologies, anywho, back to the story! and thank you to all those who read, I didn't think I would get 2 reads!

Every warrior began to ask the same question, ‘WHAT THE DEVIL IS GOING ON HERE!?’
Autumn wondered the same question, what was this all for?
A single comment was released privately to Autumn, and it came from Adala.
She hurried to open it, but was then was called.
'Autumn, lunch is ready, come here'
'Mom, my friend is in Angry birds, being catapulted with spoons and gifs. This is a life or death situation, there is a bunnies life on the line, I AM NOT HUNGRY!!!!!'

There was silence in the house.
'I told you she was weird' her little brother said, but she had heard, but didn’t care.
She opened the message.

“Why did this happen Autumn, I had just cracked a joke. Well, I did have a bunny, but it was a bubble gun. Nothing would ever happen, why did you doubt me!? How could you!?”

As Autumn kept reading, tears formed in her eyes

“After all we have been though, after all the cruel jokes, you thought I would go as crazy enough to harm something?!
Never have I been so upset by such act.

I thought you were a friend, nay, a kick ass crime fighting friend, but I see it was all a lie. All those comments, those jokes, they laughs we shared, they were all meaningless in your mind. They meant the world to me, I thought we had something special, but I see now that I have been conned.
That you would think I would go crazy, and hold hostage. How could you? HOW COULD YOU!?
I never wanted you to name your followers, it was a joke. I was watching Sherlock, and wanted to see it, but your comments were pestering me. I love your comments, but I wanted to watch it, so I typed a quick joke and got off. But you never seem to be able to take a joke; you must turn it into a truth. Well here is a truth. I have lost all my followers, everyone on the site hates me, and I can never make another friend. All because of you overreacting. So thank you, I have you, no longer a friend, to blame for all of this. Thank you.”

Autumn looked up from the screen and cried.
It was the most meaningful thing she had ever seen, and didn’t want to lose her friend.
She began typing, faster than ever.

‘Adala, I am sorry. I didn't know. You are my friend, a great friend, and I have always cared for you. Please, forgive me. I know in your heart you can, because that is what friends do isn't it? Forgive?
Please, Adala, listen to me, we do not hate you, no one does.
You will gain new followers, better followers, but you will always have this one. Because you have always been there for me, well as long as you have been here. I could never be mad at you, Adala.’

She sent it, and waited. But nothing came. Nothing did after lunch, or dinner.
The next day, still nothing had come.
Autumn became worried once more. What had her friend done?
She couldn't go this quiet for 5 minutes, let alone 2 days, 3, 4 or 5.