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Creepypasta boyfriend (scenario's)
Story published August 16, 2013 · updated September 9, 2013 · 50 pages · 9,773 readers · 104,677 reads
when it's your bir
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When it's your birthday

jeff the killer
today was your birthday. jeff jumped through the window and startled you. " eek! jeff don't scare me like that." you said. "he he sorry." he apologized. "it's okay" you said. "hey (y/n)?" he asked. "what is it jeff?" you questioned. "happy birthday!" he yelled out. " how did you know it was my birthday. you asked surprise. " I have my ways." he smiled. " anyways I wanted to give you  
this  it was a heart shaped necklace with the stone in the middle. " you stared wide-eyed. you looked at jeff then at the necklace then at jeff again and tackled him to the ground and gave him million's of kisses. "t-thank you jeff, thank you." you exclaimed. jeff smiled and said "I love you, you know that right?." staring into your eyes. "jeff I love you too. I love you the most." you said.

ben drowned
ben was visiting you and he knew it was your birthday. you were playing video games when the screen starting turning black then a hand popped out in the hand was a little box and halfway through the screen was ben. you stared confused. " happy birthday (y/n)!" he said. " here take this." he held the box and gave it to you. you opened it up and saw
this it was a green ring with the gemstone inside it. you looked up at ben who was still halfway of the television. you got him by the shoulders and pulled him kissing him on the lips. ben blushed but you didn't notice. " thank you ben, thank you!" you yelled hugging him. he smiled and said " I love you." hugging you tighter than ever. "I loved you first." you said

"(y/n)?" masky asked. " yeah masky?" you questioned. masky hugged you and said. " happy birthday I want to give you this. he handed you a box. you opened it and there was beautiful
necklace. " do you like it?" asked masky. "m-masky I love it!" you yelled. " oh, good because it was hard getting it for you." he said. " masky how much did this cost?" you asked. " oh umm cost?" he said. you were curious but shrugged it off. " (y/n), do you know that I love you?" he said. " I love you too masky a lot." he smiled at you.

hoodie knew it was your birthday he had a surprised for you. "(y/n), put this blind fold on." he said. you stared confused. "trust me." hoodie said. you let him put the blindfold over your eyes. hoodie walked you out the door and into a beautiful

picnic. "hoodie?" you asked. "do y-you l-like it?" he questioned. " hoodie I don't like it, I love it!" you jumped up and hugged him. " hoodie, I love you." you said. " I love you more than ever." hoodie said. he walked you towards the picnic and both of you started eating, it was one of the best birthday you had ever had.

for your birthday slender wanted to make you something special. he decided to give you a rose with a romantic card on it and a bottle of perfume that smelled really good. somehow slender managed to get into your house and set the present on your desk. he hid inside the closet waiting for you to come. a few seconds later you came in and saw the present it was wrapped up in black and white wrapping paper. there was a rose attached to it was a card and a box. you read the card it said. "(y/m) I love you to pieces, happy birthday!- love slender. you smiled and unwrapped the present carefully. you opened the perfume and sprayed some on you. " you smell really good." slender said. you turned around and said I love you too.

eyeless jack
jack wanted to get you the best birthday ever. he decided that he was taking you shopping, dinner, and playing you music. " (y/n), do you want to go shopping?" he asked. " really? but I don't want you to pay." you said. " no exception's im paying." so he finally convinced you. after the shopping he took you for dinner it was delicious next he played you a song. "(y/n) did you like it?" he asked. you started to tear-up and you tackled him to the ground. " jack I love you!" you yelled. " I love you more."

lost silver
for your birthday silver took you to the fair. you went on the Ferris wheel, and on lot's of rides. he brought you food even though you didn't agreed for him to be paying. "(y/n), happy birthday!" yelled silver. " I love you!" he yelled. you giggled and said " silver I will alway's love you no
matter what." you said kissing him.

for your birthday offenderman gave you a red scarf and a bouquet of roses. he took you out for dinner he was being a little perverted but he stopped after a while he tooked you to a tall beautiful building.
" (y/n) are you having fun?" questioned offender. " im having the best moment of my life right now." you said. he smiled and said "(y/n) I love you!!" he yelled. you laughed and said " I love you!!" your voice echoed through the night.  

ticci toby
toby wanted to give you something special for your birthday.  "hey (y/n)?" he asked. "yeah toby what is it?" you asked him.
"I-I wanted t-to give you this." he said handing you over the box. you grabbed the box and eyed toby suspiciously opening up you saw this
you smiled and hugged him lifting up his mask and giving him a peck on the lip's. "happy birthday (y/n)." he said. " toby I love you." he said.
"I love you too." he said it back.