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That boy from the wedding
Story published August 16, 2013 · updated August 18, 2013 · completed · 16 pages · 624 readers · 2,949 reads
My roommates, Joey
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My roommates, Joey and Sawyer

Hi my name is Skylar! I'm super sweet but don't mess with me. I always stand up for what I believe in, do what's right,  my personality is a little weird but its what everyone loves about me! Anyway I'm living the LA dream right now! My room mates are youtubers Joey graceffa and sawyer Hartman. These two boys are my best friends and the biggest pair of clowns you'll ever meet. Two guys which are amazing people, I know I'm pretty lucky, and living every girls dream.

So right now I am packing for a trip to London! Insane, I know, in a few days is Jim chapman and Tanya burrs wedding! They are honestly the cutest couple in the world, so you can say everyone has been anticipating this wedding. And every youtuber will be there, basically because they're all in this circle of friends. And I am going as joeys date! I didn't want to go at first because I'm not youtuber and haven't met the other Jim and Tanya  yet. Joey and sawyer have invited me to Vidcon and Playlist live but between work and school, it never worked out.    But Joey didn't want to leave me behind so he spoke to Tanya and Jim about and they said they would be happy to have me. We leave for London in a few hours and we're all doing so last minute checking. Joey comes in and says "hey skylaranya! Are ya ready to go?" I laugh at his nickname that he basically calls me, even though I tell him to stop because it sounds dumb. He never listens and reasons by saying its cute. I nod and sawyer runs in saying "okay guys we gotta go now" in that weird high pitched voice he does. I never get sock of that voice, it always makes me laugh. I'll never understand how his voice can go into that pitcher or why he even does it. 

After am hour of driving we get to the airport. We do all of the processes and in no time board the plane. Joey and I sit by the window while sawyer sits across. Being on the plane for a while I start to drift of sleep, while leaning on Joey comfortable shoulder. I was woken up by the bumping of the planes landing, and look out the window to see it is now daytime, mid-after noon to be specific. While looking out I take in the different scenery . I look at Joey and he's asleep. I must admit his sleeping face is pretty cute, okay everything he does is cute. I gentle push him to wake up, but I get no reaction, I say "Joey get up we're here." Still nothing. I sigh and think of something and say "omg is that Shane Dawson?" Joey immediately shots awake and ask "where?" I laugh and say "sorry I just needed to wake you up." Joey glares at me, oh well he'll forgive me later. We collect our luggage and soon are waiting at passenger pickup. Millions of people come through and it's crazy. I ask sawyer "wait who's picking us up?" He answers "oh Jim and Tanya." I nodded and continue "are we staying with them?" Sawyer continues to look out at the cars and says "nope, they rented a huge summer house for YouTube buddies. They wanted to spend as much time together as they can." I smile and say "wow that's insane." Sawyer smiles to and says "just wait until you meet them." I try not to have a fan girl attack, can you imagine me meeting Alfie? Or Marcus? I'd die.