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New Game *Ben Drowned/Jeff the Killer
Story published August 16, 2013 · updated August 24, 2013 · completed · 110 pages · 929 readers · 4,697 reads
Chapter S i x
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Chapter S i x

   I slowly walked back stage to fill out the paperwork, I don't even realize what I just did...

   ^^Tae-seon's P.O.V
   Tears had began to fall down my face as I bursted out the doors of the hotel, into the pouring rain. I sat down on the curb and began to cry, the rain thudded the pavement and soaked me in mere seconds. Not sure how long I was there, but I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked up and saw Jeff. Choking back more tears I hugged his neck, "We will find a way. I promise, we will find you and Eyeless and bring you back" I whispered into his ear.

   Suddenly, he was yanked away. His eyes pleaded for help as the man that bought him pulled him away, however my eyes just refilled with tears. Hanging my head as Jeff disappeared in the thick rain, crying into my hands. "Tae" Ben came up next to me, and I turned my head away. "Come on, you need to get out of the rain" He grabbed my arm and I reluctantly went back into the hotel and into the room.

   ^^Jeff's P.O.V
   Still soaking wet, Eyeless and I walked into the house. It was huge, but the pasta house was still bigger. "Fantastic, another reason to stab myself" I muttered when I saw two girls sitting on the first step of the staircase. They were both blonde, wearing long pink dresses, pink high heels, clearly pink obsessed, ( and even more clearly girly girls. I bet their idiots too, it wouldn't surprise me. "You are NOT the pizza man" One of them muttered and I looked at Eyeless, "Shoot me" He growled under his breath, they're idiots.

   "You two will be their new guards" The man who bought us said. Eyeless and I both facepalmed. "Hi, i'm Beta" One of the girls jumped up, "And i'm Alpha" The second one jumped up and they both smiled. "This is going to be so much fun" I grumbled "I know!" Alpha said excitedly grabbing my arm and pulling me up the stairs, yes she is a COMPLETE idiot. 

   "I will freaking murder you if you don't let me go right now" I growled at her girl and she looked at me, and grinned stupidly. "Silly, you don't kill me. You kill the monsters in my room" She giggled and I grabbed her by the throat, pinning her to the wall. I let go and stumbled back when the painful shock when through my body, she looked at me and I saw the small chain and button in her hand. Frick.

   "No." She said and grabbed my arm, continuing to pull me up the stairs. I have no IDEA how long I will be able to put up with her stupidity, but I know it's not going to be very long. Alpha pulled me into a room with nothing but pink, I wanted to kill her just so her blood would add more color. "Daddy says we need people to protect us from monsters" Beta said dragging Eyeless in.

   "They come through the portal in that room" Alpha pointed to the door across the hall and I rolled my eyes, this is just dumb. I can't BELIEVE these girls are such gosh dang idiots. Alpha and Beta each sat down on a bed and looked at us "You're not like the guards daddy has brought home before" Beta said tilting her head to the side "They are usually really big and mean, and not human looking" Alpha stared at us and I leaned on the doorway, annoyed.

   ^^Tae-seon's P.O.V
   "Tae." Gracie said when I walked in the door "What-" I said and she smiled dumbly, "Did you do?" I asked and I saw Dark Link. "You better be fricking with me." I stated and she bit her lip, "You bid on that thing?" I pointed to Dark Link and he growled. Before Gracie could even answer I turned around and walked away. 

   "Just so you know I can't do anything to you." Dark Link called after me and I turned to him, pulling the knife out of my boot and pointing it at him. "Gurl, calm yo self. He can't hurt us or any of the other creepypasta for that matter. Not while we own him" Gracie said and Dark growled again, I couldn't hold back a chuckle. "That must kill you" I muttered and Dark just rolled his eyes.

   "Tae..." Gracie started at I looked at her with one eyebrow raised. "I just realized something" She continued and I tilted my head to the side. "As much as the situation we're in sucks and is kinda serious, we're in a hotel...And some kid is having a hangout in the lobby..." Then I realized what she meant. A grin stretched across my lips as I began to go through bags of cosplay crap. "What are you doing?" Ben asked and I threw a mascara pen at him.

   "FOUND IT!" Gracie jumped up and we ran into the bathroom with a bunch of cosplay junk. "Meh.." I muttered pulling off the black wig and looking for another one, "Here" Gracie tossed me and blonde wig and I pulled it on. "You brought the camera right" Gracie asked me and I nodded. "Ben, gimmie your sword" I said popping out, confused he tossed me the sword.

   Twenty minutes later I pulled on brown boots and looked at myself in the mirror, then smiled. "You're gonna DIE Link" I giggled and Gracie hit the back of my head, knocking off the hat. I put in back on and trotted out of the bathroom, grabbing the video camera. "Really." Ben said when he saw me, I was in Ben Drowned cosplay. And looked exactly like him, Gracie came out looking like Dark Link. "Why do I feel so offended?" Dark Link asked and I giggled, "We're gonna go scare the crap out of some idiots for the entertainment of other idiots" Gracie said and we checked the camera to see how much room is left on it.

   "...You two are so weird" Ben muttered and I looked up at him, and smiled. "We usually go as you and Jeff, but why not offend you and your brother?" I said, Gracie and I turned off the camera and ran out of the room and down the stairs. We're too lazy for elevators. Gracie waited just outside of the lobby as I walked in, a group of like, sixteen year old teenage boys were talking in a lobby.

   "No, I'm just saying that I know what I saw!" One of them complained and other licked his tongue, "You are a lunatic Joel, if people were killed in this hotel then no one would be staying in it" He first boy growled and another one spoke up, "Ray has a point Joel. No one would be here if people really were killed" Ray smirked and Joel looked up at the ceiling, "Really Ian? You are NOT helping" He whined and I had to suppress a giggle.

   "Hey there" I said walking up and the three boys looked up at me. "You need to get out of here, people were murdered here!" Joel said jumping up and grabbing my shoulders, Ray grabbed him and pulled him back. "Joel, calm down! No one has died here!" Ray hissed and I frowned. "No, no he's right...That's why i'm here. I need your help" I whispered and they looked at me, Joel looked scared. "Someone is tracking me down, they want to kill me. And they don't care who they hurt to do so." I said and felt a hard thud on the back of my head, Ian gasped and I fell over.

   Gracie stood behind me, she had hit me in the back of the head with the handle of her sword. "You think some worthless mortals are going to help you?" She hissed and I scrambled back up, grabbing Ben's sword. She slashed at me and I blocked with the sword, she twisted hers and knocked mine out of my hands. I roundhouse kicked her chest and she cut my leg.

   "Gah-" I gasped and fell over, she held the tip of the sword to my neck and Joel gasped. Ian and Ray held him back as he tried to attack Gracie. "No one can help you now" She hissed and stabbed the sword through my stomach, I looked up at her as she pulled it out, and slowly stood up. Holding the wound. "You shouldn't have done that" I grabbed the sword off the ground and slashed it across her neck in a matter of seconds, she choked and fell down. Seconds later I did too. "RAHHHHH!" Joel, Ray, and Ian began to scream their heads off.

   Giggling, Gracie sat up and felt some of the blood on her neck. I sat up too pulling my hand away from the wound. "Note to self use fake swords next time, they hurt like crap" I said looking at the blood on my hand, Joel poked the back of my head and I grabbed his wrist. "Is something wrong? You can't kill the undead." I said and he pulled his wrist from my grasp, then ran away screaming. Finally, Gracie and I burst out laughing. "Ah, we should go before the blood stains the carpet" Gracie said through laughs and I nodded, standing up and watching as Gracie pulled the camera from it's hiding place.

   "That was all an act!?" Ian cried angrily and I looked at him, "Fake blood? Fake swords!" He yelled and I ran my finger along the blade of Ben's sword. "Fake? These swords aren't fake, nor is the blood. You try stabbing yourself with a stick of metal and then tell me if you bleed" I said and flicked some blood at him before walking off with Gracie by my side.

   "What the fricking heck happened!" Slender yelled jumping up when we walked back in, bloody swords and bloody bodies. "Who the heck did this!" Slender's voice was shrill, who knew his voice could do that. Frowning, Gracie and I pointed at each other. "She did it!" Slender stared at us confused, "Dude. We did this to ourselves, I bet Joel is still screaming his head off" I said and tossed Ben his sword, walking into the bathroom and cleaning the blood off my stomach. ''You stabbed each other, on camera, to scare some guys? That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard" Dark Link threw his hands up and Gracie grabbed her laptop.

   She pulled up our channel and clicked on a random video, it happened to be Slenderman vs. Jeff the Killer. "That video? We forgot to dull down the blade on my knife, I ended up nearly cutting my hand off like an idiot" I muttered as Dark Link stared at the video, "You've pulled crap like this before?" He exclaimed and Gracie laughed, "Like. Every other day. I'm gonna see if I can find out anything about the guy that bought Jeff and Eyeless" She said taking back the laptop and looking up crap.

   Five minutes later Gracie and I were both sitting on the futon looking up as much as we could to find Jeff and Eyeless, Dark Link was staring at us and Ben as also looking up junk. "You walk in after stabbing yourselves then just begin surfing the flipping internet?!" Dark yelled and I looked up at him annoyed, "Yes. You can't be more point blank than that"

Never lose faith
Even when all seems lost