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Teen Wolf Preferences
Story published August 16, 2013 · updated August 18, 2013 · 1 page · 1,297 readers · 2,564 reads
First kiss
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First kiss

Isaac: You and Isaac had been dating for a week now. Tonight was going to be your sixth date. Isaac had told you it was a surprise and had blind folded you on the way to your mystery dinner place.
When you guys arrived, he helped you out of the car and held your hand while you walked to the destination. You abruptly stop and the blindfold is removed from your eyes, showing you the meadow in which Isaac had set up a somewhat romantic picnic.
The sun had yet to set for another few hours, so there was plenty of time to talk and spend time together before heading home. Sitting down together, just staring at each other, he was the first to say something.
"How do you like it?" he looked around, unsure of himself.
"It’s great. No it's more than great, it's perfect!" you exclaimed as you inched closer to Isaac who didn't notice you move.
"Yeah, it is perfect." Looking right into your eyes, brushing your hair behind your ear and caressing your cheek, leaning into his hand, you lean your face up towards his towering face looking right at you.
"W-we are t-talking about the scene-", your stuttering was cut off by Isaac lightly pushing his lips to yours.
"What was that?" asking breathlessly.
"I've so wanted to do that since I saw you, as cliché as that sounds." resting his forehead against yours with a pleased smile, looking into your bright eyes that always seen to make him lose his train of thought.
Aiden: He hasn't seen you all weekend, due to you visiting your dad for a few days, since he's really sick. But when you get home, Aiden is waiting on your front porch for you. Rushing to him, he picks you up and spins you around in a hug, while you laugh at his behavior.
"What’re you doing here?" you ask confused.
"I missed you."
That's when you grab his face and kiss him like you haven't seen him in weeks, resting your foreheads together, you whisper "I missed you too." with a smile on both your faces as he puts you down and you both go inside to cuddle.