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Snape's Secret Daughter-Completed-
Story published August 17, 2013 · updated September 15, 2013 · completed · 169 pages · 5,665 readers · 73,261 reads
Chapter 3
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Chapter 3

   I sighed and looked around as I went up there. There was a man with longish black hair looking at me. I sat down, facing the people. Hermione was crossing her fingers for me at the Gryffindor table. They placed the hat on my head and it immediately started talking.
    "Ah, Jamie. Snape's secret daughter." The hat said. Some gasped and the room was filled with whispers. The Slytherin table was getting excited. Ginny and Mandy looked really mad at me and Hermione stopped getting hopeful about me joining. 
    "Where should I put you? You obviously don't want Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw but you don't want Slytherin." It continued. I sighed and gulped.
     "I am going to put you in....Gryffindor!" It said. I got up and went to the table. They ignored me and I sat alone. Mandy and Ginny sat by Hermione when they were also placed in Gryffindor. The headmaster came and sat across me when the feast began.
     "Jamie, your father wants to speak with you after supper." He said.
     "I don't want to speak with anyone. I thought that people would be more welcoming in this house. Now I wish I went to Slytherin. They looked more happy to have me." I growled. He smiled.
     "I will tell him. And they will get over it soon. You are a nice girl. They will come around." He got up and went to his place by the other teachers. I sighed. I played with my food since I was no longer hungry. A girl came across from me and I looked at her.
      "You need?" I wondered.
      "I am Clarice. I am in Gryffindor and I felt bad that you were sitting alone. So I came over." She introduced, holding her hand out for me to shake. I straightened up and shook it.
      "Jamie." I replied back, slightly smiling. 
      "So your father is Snape? Pretty cool. I kinda see that now. Some of your hair is black." She said.
      "Yeah. I knew who he was but I don't know what he looks like." I replied, still playing with my food. She got up and went back to her regular seat. Again, I was lonely. 
     After the feast, I went to Gryffindor tower with the rest. People ignored me like I was invisible. I sat down and listened to Professor McGonagall. I found out her name. Clarice sat by me and I sighed. I was actually getting used to being the invisible person. Hermione flew a note over to me and I glared. Four can play at this game. I tore up the note and threw it in the fire. She gaped and I smirked.
    "Go to bed. Tomorrow is your first day." Professor said. I went up the girls dormatorys and Hermione turned me around.
     "What was that for?" She sneered.
     "You guys treat me like dirt, I will treat the same." I went to my bed and laid down. I got a note on my stomach. I opened it and it said "bring it on." I sighed and fell asleep. 
       I woke up and got in my school uniform they gave us. I brushed my hair and went down to breakfast. Clarice waved and I smiled. I sat by myself again and Ginny scooted over by me. I ignored her.
      "Jamie, I am sorry."
      "Making an assumption."
      "Thinking you would be like Snape." She sighed. I looked over to her.
      "Mandy put you up to this so you would spy on me. I know, I saw her whisper it to you earlier. I may be like Snape with anger but don't think I ever wanted to be treated like him, thank you very much." I got up and walked out. I went to get my wand and someone was following me. I turned to see a man dressed in black.
     "I am Snape and I saw what happened." He said. I sighed and passed him. I have a pretty bad attitude for a twelve year old. I have pushed down a boy before. Anyway, he kept following me and I stopped.
      "Stop following me." I growled, holding my wand tight.
      "Jamie." He said.
      "Just stop." I walked with my book to my chest and my wand in my pocket. Clarice came beside me. 
     "I see you met your father." She said.
     "What? You sound like you want me to be happy about it." I sneered. 
     "Well, he is your-"
      "I don't like the fact. I have his anger and I don't like it!" I pushed pass some people to be alone. I got to my first class and it was potions. Malfoy (I learn names quick) looked at me and smiled. I glared and sat down by this boy with brown hair.
      "Neville." He introduced himself. I sighed.
     "Jamie." I fake smiled.
     "I know your not happy." He replied.
      "All I want to do is go home. Maybe I could try to get myself expelled. I hate this so far." I growled. I looked down at my desk to realized I just stabbed my quill into the desk. Everyone looked back, surprised. 
      "Harry, can you get her a new quill?" Snape's said, coming into view. Of course my first class had to be with my father. Harry handed me a quill and I took it sharply. This day is not going to go well.

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