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Sunburn: A Jack Frost Love Story
Story published August 18, 2013 · updated September 5, 2013 · completed · 38 pages · 1,127 readers · 13,285 reads
Chapter 6: Gone
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Chapter 6: Gone

Brianna’s POV:
            When we got to the volcano on main island of Hawaii, I rushed inside the volcano. I ran to the center of the volcano, the hatchery. I stopped and stared. The room was full of black sand. The room was very dark. The only reason why I could see was because I lit up the room. The eggs were all gone.
        Every last one of them. I fell to my knees and started to cry. I heard footsteps rush into the room. A hand was on my shoulder. It was very cold and I could tell it was Jack. “Bree, what’s wrong?” he asked. “Their gone, all gone.”
        “What’s gone?” “The dragon eggs.” All of the Guardians gasped. “I was taking care of a few thousand dragon eggs, so they would hatch and the dragons will help me bring warm weather. Now they are either all crushed or stolen by Pitch.” “Not every egg,” Jack said. He gave me a blood red egg.
        I hugged Jack. “Oh my God, thank you Jack! Where did you find it?” I asked him. “I found it hidden in one of the holes in the walls.” I hugged and cried tears of joy. Jack hugged me back as held my head as I snuggled into his neck. All the Guardians came over and hugged me, too. Suddenly, the blood red egg started to move.
        “Bree, what’s happening?” asked Tooth. I set the egg on the ground. Cracks appeared on the egg. “It’s hatching!” exclaimed Jack. The egg broke apart revealing a baby dragon.  The dragon opened its mouth and burped fire.
        It walked over to me and nuzzled my hand. Everyone said “Ah!” I turned the dragon around to figure out its gender. It was a girl. “I’m going to name you Ember.” Ember flew to my arrow holder. “Okay, what do we do now?” I asked North.
        “We could help you get your eggs back or-’’   “Or what?” “We could help Tooth collect teeth so children can believe in her again.” I looked at Tooth. “Let’s help Tooth,” I said. “What? No! Bree, let’s go get your dragon eggs,” protested Tooth.“It’s okay, Tooth. Your job is more important. Besides, no one believes in me, so I have nothing to lose.” Tooth smiled and hugged me. “Thank you.” “Let’s go collect the teeth!” Tooth shouted happily. I laughed at Tooth. I ran with the Guardians to the sleigh.
         Jack sat next to me and said, “That was very nice of you do that for Tooth.” “It’s nothing. I rather suffer than others suffer for me,” I told him. He smiled at me. Jack kept staring at me, but it didn’t bother me.