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Handcuffed Together [Handcuffed!Reader x Handcuffed!Country]
Story published August 19, 2013 · updated December 6, 2013 · 22 pages · 14,593 readers · 83,726 reads
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Handcuffed!Reader x Handcuffed!America

You sighed happily as you walked through the park, seeing as it was quiet and peaceful. Unlike Alfred who was loud and annoying. Your mind turned sour at the thought of him. You huffed and looked at the birds who were chirping happily, you whistled along with them, closing your eyes and smiling.

Since your eyes were shut you ran into someone, it was your best friend, Arthur "Hey Art-!" You tried to say but couldn't because he did a light chant and everything went black.

When you woke up you were in a bed, what? You sat up, only to be pulled back down by an unknown force on your wrist. You flew back down in the bed with a gasp. Fear started to build up in you because you thought you were kidnapped.

You looked down at your wrist to see a handcuff on it. Your eyes followed the handcuff chain until they saw another hand, you followed the arm connected to the hand and ended up seeing the face of a sleeping Alfred Jones.

You started freaking out, pulling at the handcuffs. "G-Get me out of here!" You screamed, making Alfreds eyes flutter open. "(Name)?" He asked, trying to move his arm to rub his eyes, but pulling on the handcuff, sending you on top of him "W-W-What?!" You screamed, pulling yourself off of him.

"What is going on?!" He yelled, finally waking up. "Shut up!" You said, hating his loud voice. Suddenly you heard a familiar British laugh. "You two still cant get along even in a crisis like this..." He walked out, holding a small key.

"Give me that key!" You said in rage. Arthur shook his head no. "Nope." Matthew walked out beside him and whispered "W-We got tired of seeing y-you two f-fight... S-So we handcuffed y-you together..."

You wanted to strangle all three of them right now, and Alfred was just sitting there with wide eyes. "Baka! Don't just sit there!" You said, pulling him off the bed, making him land on the floor, bringing you with him. Arthur just laughed at you.

"There is something in this for you guys... If you two can pull this off without killing each other you each will get 500 dollars." That made you freeze, did he just say 500? "Deal!" You said, because you kind of needed the money. Alfred laughed "Ahaha! I'm the hero! Of course I can do this!"

You growled "How long do we have to do this for?" Arthur rubbed the back of his head sheepishly "Well... For a month."

"Whhhat?!" You yelled, trying to get the concept out of all this, but for 500 dollars? You couldn't resist. "Fine...." The thought of living in the same house and sharing the same bed with him sickened you.

~~Day one~~

Finally you two has been sent off for the month together. The first day was agony. "Dude! We should just go live in my house! I have a king sized bed and stuff! It will be awesome!" This annoyed you so bad, he was bragging about how good his house was, wasn't he? Idiot, you thought. But you only had a small twin bed so you agreed to it.

Since you two didn't have a car you two had to walk, and to not look suspicious or creepy as hell... You two held hands. People kept having remarks like "What a cute couple!" Honestly, you wanted to puke.

You two finally made it to his... Mansion... and you quickly let go of his hand. "That was horrifying..." You breathed out, dragging him inside. You were greeted by a butler, bowing to say welcome home, but stood there is shock when he saw you "Alfred sir... Isn't this the girl you lo-" Alfred quickly slammed his hand over his mouth, laughing hesitantly. You stood there confused, but shook it off.

Alfred showed you around, finally getting to his room, he opened the door to reveal a king sized bed. He wasn't lying. "And this is where.... we... will be sleeping.... together..." You were to busy looking around to see the bright red blush on his face. "Wow...." You said jealous that you didn't have this stuff.

Suddenly, a thought came to mind. "Alfred... How will I change?" You asked, dragging him over to the silk curtains to look at them, not seeing his face turn a darker red. "I-I didn't think about that!" He said, freaking out. His butler walked in and said "Well if you don't mind, I would help."

You nodded, not caring. As long as Alfred didn't see you naked you were okay with it. "Might as well get it over with..." You said, making Alfred turn around. His butler took a pair of scissors and started slowly cutting your shirt off. Once it was off, you told him you wanted to keep your bra on. Alfreds face was basically a tomato. His butler put on a strapless shirt at first, and then putting straps on it. You did your pants yourself, someone using one hand, while his butler was working on Alfred.

Finally, you were done. "We did it!" You said, fist bumping the air. Since you walked home, you were pretty tired. You dragged Alfred into the bed, keeping a good distance away from him, well, as long as the cuff let you go to be exact. You closed your eyes and somehow fell asleep. That night, you two slowly made your way into each others arms.

~~Time skip; two weeks later~~

You two walked along the road, holding each others hands, you made it seem like you hated it but in all honesty... You loved it. You loved him. You fell in love with him. Slowly, but you did. From that morning you ended up in each others arms... You developed a love for the loud American.

Today you were bored, so you dragged Alfred along with you to go to the park. You two had gotten used to each other considering the fact the only way you could shower was to either take one together or have one wait outside the curtain, you two tried option two but it hurt your arms. So you two sucked it up and just showered together. It was humiliating.

Alfred was going to confess to you today. His love for you was overwhelming. He loved you even before all this happened. It was a gift from god that you two ended up like this to him.

Finally you two made it to the park and once you two went on a trail, you felt a hand on your shoulder. "(Name)... I love you!" and you got turned around and a pair of lips got smashed to yours. Much to his surprise, you kissed back. Once you two pulled away you whispered "I love you too.."

That day, you two became lovers.

~~Time skip to last day~~

Today was the day you got your handcuffs off. You two were excited because now you could hug each other properly and stuff. You two walked to Arthurs house hand in hand, and when you got there, you gave him a quick peck on the cheek and walked in with a smirk. Arthur and Matthew waited in the living room holding the key.

You two walked into the living room and looked at the two patiently. "Well.... You guys did it...." Arthur said, pulling out money. You shook your head "No need." They looked confused for a second before a face of pure shock came on their faces as they watched Alfred put his lips against yours. "I've already got what I need." You finished saying when he pulled away.

The look of shock didnt leave their faces as they approached you and uncuffed you. "You two... Are a thing?!" The gawked. You two nodded.

"Forever and always."