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Teen Wolf Preferences
Preference #4
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Preference #4

How you two act in classes. 
Aiden: Aiden is a sneaky guy in class. He will always find a way to have a hand on your hand or any part of your body. You two where the hands on couple. Surprisingly you two where only caught 2 times. Other than that you were holding his hand. He had a hand on your tight. He had to be able to feel you next to him in any way that he could.

Derek: Though Derek didn't go to school with you. You were always texting in class. You were texting Derek about the girls at school. How school was treating you. How you wanted to just go over to his loft and curl up with him on his bed or couch. You were caught almost everyday you can't talk then you'll pass notes. it didn't bother you. You would rather talk get detention then not text Derek.

Isaac: You two are the couple that's always are together. In class it's no different. You two always sit together in class. Isaac will keep his hand over your delicate small hand compared to his large rough yet soft hands. You two will talk and if you were barely caught but when you were you two didn't mind having detention with Isaac.

Jackson: With Jackson there's never a moment when you're actually learning. You're normally passing notes with him and Danny. If there are no notes then it's whispering to each other. It amazing at how Danny knows so much in every class when he doesn't get to learn in class. All three of you never stop talking. No minute is free of talking with you guys.

Scott: You two normally listen during the entire class but occasionally there's talking of plans, and then there's the talking of random things. Weather it's about your life, his life. How work at the vets is going anything sometimes you would even plan dates on those notes passed in class. You were both good students why not be bad for once.

Stiles: There is never a dull moment between you and Stiles. You two are always laughing and making the best out of every class that you two have. Which is basically the entire day. A couple days on B days you'll have maybe 2 classes that are spent away from each other and those 2 classes seem like years instead of the 45 minutes that they actually are. 
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