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Creepypasta One-Shots
Story published August 20, 2013 · updated December 30, 2013 · 7 pages · 476 readers · 1,248 reads
BEN Drowned
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BEN Drowned

"BEN!" Slendy called. I could hear him shouting from outside.
"WHAT?!" I could barely hold in my laughter after hearing BEN respond that way.
It was ovious that noone was going to open the door anytime soon so I adjusted my oversized hoodie and waltzed on him.
"But Slendy! Dark already showed me his boxers!" Sally ran down the hall, not noticing me.
"DARK!" Slendy's voice roared through the mansion.
I couldn't do it! I couldn't hold my laughter in any longer! I bursted into a laughing fit, casuing a pair of footsteps to run down the stairs.
"Who's laughing?!" I was laughing so hard it was hard to lift my head and see who was coming down but I automatically shut up when I saw my friend BEN run around the corner in just his boxers.
He froze as soon as he saw me staring at his half naked body and turned on his heel before scurrying back up to his room...probably to put some clothes on...
He came back down about five minutes later in his usual green clothes. We were both in a state of shock and embarrasment until he finally changed the subject and we both shrugged it off.
"Wanna play my new games?" He asked coolly. I shrugged, causing my oversized hoody and blue shirt to slide off my shoudler and making me have to adjust it.
"Why don't you just wear your right size in clothing? ...or smaller" He mumbled the last part. but you could still barely hear it.
"Because. My oversized clothes keep me warm! And if I wore smaller clothes, I'd look like a sex addict!" I responded. For a twelve year old I knew a lot.
"Exactly...BEN mumbled under his breath. I glared at him but his eyes were locked to his new game. He had recently had his 13th birthday so he got a bunch of new video games, computer games, even a couple of board and card games! but he refused to play with them.
"BEN you suck at this game..." I stated.
"Hey! I'm just getting started! Once I get warmed up, I'll kick your ass!" He shouted a little louder than he should have.
"Yeah, sure!" I scoffed. He emmediately pause the game and slammed his controller down, turning to face me.
"Alright smartass! Let's make a bet!" Uh oh...his bets always turned out.......bad.
"Yeah whatever! What kind of bet?!" What the hell was I getting myself into?!
"If I have to...." He thought for a moment, looking around the room until his eyes lit up and a sly smile creeped onto his face. *Sigh* ...perv. "If I have to run around the mansion...fully naked!" He finished.
My face went white. Oh my god. I can't do that! I couldn't! I wouldn't! Come on Juliessa...Get yourself out of this before you get too deep into it!
"Fine! And if I win....I'll stay here for a week and you have to be my naked servant the whole time I'm here!" I just couldn't say no could I?
"DEAL!" You oth said in sync as you shook hands before violently returning to your game.
In the end...
BEN won by two points.
My face went white. oh my god... I lost...What have I gotten myself into?!
"Bathroom's down the hall..." He snickered. "You can leave your clothes in there until you're done~" I glared at him as I stood up and stomped into the bathroom.
I undressed slowly, not wanting to rush any time to get to it. BEN pounded on the bathroom door. "Hurry! You made a bet and now you gotta do it!"
I sighed. He was right... I folded my clothes and used my white wings as a cover around my body before I opened the door.
"Hey! You can't do that! We agreed on naked! FULLY. NAKED." He crossed his arms.
"PERV!" I shouted as I unwrapped my wings from around my body. His eyes widened and scanned my body until they stopped and stared in one spot.
I followed his eyes down to my breasts and slapped him across the face."let's just get this over with..." I began running around the mansion, making everyone gasp, scream and the ocassional wolf whistle. I finally returned BEN who was still standing there right where I left him with a dazed look on his face.
I was about to enter when BEN pulled me back by my wrist and hugged me. I hugged back, thinking nothing of it...until he grabbed my ass.
I gasped. "BE-" Before I could finish his name, he slammed his lips into mine and our tongues were already dancing together.
He slammed me against the wall as the makeout session got more heated by the moment. We went from grabbing to pulling to touching, tasting, dancing, you name it!
But before things went too far and before BEN could undo his belt... Slendy wrapped a tendril around him and lifted him into the air like a rag doll.
"BEN you're grounded." BEN just smirked and shrugged it off as nothing.
" should leave." I was about to head out the door before Slendy picked up my up with a tendril and dropped me back in front of the bathroom. "Dress first please." He said and disappeared to take BEN into his room.
BEN you're such a perv...
Maybe that's why I love you so much...

I'm kind of tired so this made me a bad chapter but whatever... it was fun making!
You have seen a new side of me...and you know what... I regret nothing ._.
Anyway! the person who requested this asked on private chat which you can do too c:
I promise once I get sleep, the chapters will improve. Thank you. ADIOS.
Me being tired is also why I was hyper in the beginning cx