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Story published August 20, 2013 · updated 7 months ago · 35 pages · 391 readers · 2,206 reads
first impressions
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First impressions

The train soon pulled to a sudden stop and students began filing off the train. They were gathered by a giant who went by the name of Hagrid. He lead them to paddle boats, Haylee didn't like the water. She couldn't swim and had never felt completely comfortable on any kind of boat. She clung to Draco, knowing he wouldn't let her drown if there boat tipped over.
He kept an arm around her waist the whole journey to let her know he wouldn't let her fall in. The castle was even bigger than Snape had told her and was bright in the dark night. Haylee and Draco shared a smile thinking of what all the possibilities would be for pranks and jokes.
They were meet at the top of the stairs by professor mcgonagall, she explained the houses to them and disappeared through the giant doors in front of them. Draco spoke loudly to Harry, mainly to point out to Haylee which one he was. He introduced crabbe and goyle, but missed Haylee on purpose. He knew that her name wasn't to be spoke until it was called out to be sorted into her house. 
Professor mcgonagall soon showed herself again and moved Draco back to where he was. They were walked into the hall and gathered at the front. Haylee imminently found Snape and smiled to him. Draco was called up and instantly put into slytherin, after a few more harry was called up and had requested that he not be put in Slytherin. He was placed in Gryffindor.
There was only a few left so Haylee looked round to see that Draco had saved her the seat next to him. She already knew which house she wanted to be in and was hoping to try the same trick as Harry to get put there. She wished to be put in the same house as her dad, the same house as Draco.
"Haylee potter!" McGonagall  called and whispers instantly filled the room. Draco had his fingers crossed for her to be put in Slytherin. Haylee took a deep breath and stepped the few shirt steps to face the rest of the school. She had her hair tucked behind her ear, showing her scar. She turned to face them and sat on the stool, she noticed Harry's surprised look.
"She's lying! There only one potter!" A random Gryffindor shouted to the front of the hall. Haylee's head shot up and to Snape, he mimed to her"it's okay" and looked to Dumbledore for backup. The whispers had turnt into chatter of disbelief.
"Silence! It is true. There is another potter. Haylee was rescued from the potter house before Hagrid arrived for Harry. Until recently we had believed that she was lost. No more questions will be asked or answered about Haylee for the night... Please continue professor." Dumbledore spoke from the head table.
The hat was placed gently on her head and came to life.
"Potter? I can see it all, you're the lost twin sister to Harry potter, how about that." The hat chattered. "All of the memories you have forgotten."
"Slytherin. Please Slytherin." Haylee quietly begged. Of course the hat heard.
"Slytherin? But I've placed your brother in Gryffindor." The hat wondered for a moment. "Ah, I see it now, the one you call farther is head of Slytherin, and I placed your best friend there earlier tonight."
She looked over to Draco smiling, the whole room followed her gaze and she crossed her fingers.
"We'll then, it'd better be..." The whole room was silent, holding there breathe for the end result. "...SLYTHERIN!" She smiling hugely and the hat was removed, she looked to Snape, who was almost out of his chair with pride. She almost ran to the table and was embraced tightly by Draco while the rest of Slytherin cheered. She took her seat next to Draco and a few minuets later everyone was in there houses. 
Professor Dumbledore stood behind his podium and the room stopped to listen. Haylee and Draco are watching but not listening to a word. They both hated long speeches like these.  Soon enough the feast popped up in front of them, everybody ate and the first years followed there house prefects to the common room. She found herself getting annoyed by how impatient there leader was. She just followed and blocked out everything he said.
They came to a door and he spoke some weird name of a sweet. It couldn't be that important, could it?the door opened and the first years followed. Haylee figured it might be important to know what's going to happen next. She tuned back in, thinking that Draco had probably done the same, but he had listened, and heard the password.
"The door on your right is the girl dormitories and too the left is the boys. All of your things have been placed by your bed and you bed will have your name on a piece of parchment." He explained "your lesson plans are also on the parchment so do not loose them. Goodnight slytherin's."
Everyone sat or stood and just talked for about half an hour.
"Lights out students!" Snape yelled from the entrance and many students went to find there beds. Haylee skipped over to Snape with a smile printed on her face. "Are you going to be okay?" Snape crouched down to her level.
"I'll be fine daddy, besides if I get scared ill just go find Draco." She explained and Snape smiled.
"Sleep well princess." He kisses her forehead and hugs her tight. "Don't forget, I'm professor when were at Hogwarts."
"Okay, professor. Goodnight." Haylee giggled and skipped over to Draco for a goodnight cuddle. Snape left the common room and everyone was now in bed. "Goodnight Draco." They hugged tightly, the two were always having sleepovers but would always be no more than arms length away.
"Goodnight Haylee. Sleep well, just come and find me if you he scared or anything." She nodded into his chest, neither wanted to let go. But they eventually realised they had to. They went there separate ways and Haylee found a door with her name on it, along with four other girls. She opened it and the girls instantly stopped there conversation.
"Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt." She apologised and found the empty bed with her plan on it. She collected her pyjamas from her suitcase and went to the shared bathroom to change. She re-entered the silent room and swapped the given pillows and quilt for her own. Snape had previously shown her a bed making spell and she thought she'd finally put it to use.
"Potter? You don't even look like Harry?" One of the girls questioned.
"I look like mum but with dads eyes and he looks like dad but with mums eyes." Haylee explained in the simplest way she knew. The girls didn't speak much after that. Haylee made her bed and got under the covers. "Nox." Her lamp flicked off and before she knew it, she was dreaming. 
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