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Teen wolf preferences
Story published August 21, 2013 · updated November 24, 2013 · 23 pages · 4,269 readers · 21,772 reads
(preference #4) yo
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(preference #4) your first kiss

Derek: You were leaving school seeing Derek leaning against his Camaro. You walked over to him "here for Scott again?"You asked. Derek shook his head looking at you "no...actually for you"he said. And he reached out grabbing your hand pulling you close and crashing his lips to your's rough and passionate. You were in shock before kissing back your eyes closing slowly and Derek let go of your arm wrapping his arms around your waist. You placed your hands against the Camaro as Derek pulled you so close their was barely any space between your bodies. Losing you self in your first kiss with the hale.
Scott: You both had ended up in detention together and You and Scott were sitting far away from each other cause the teacher made you. Where you teacher wasn't looking you and Scott would quickly change seats to get closer to each other. And the teacher had to leave saying he'd be back soon, You and Scott got up and moved to sit beside each other. "No one else I'd rather be in detention with....though I'm still mad your the reason I'm in here in the first place..."You said looking at scott. Who just grinned and laughed "sorry but I have a way I can make up for it"he said. He leaned forward pressing his lip to your gently and kissed you moving closer, You were in shock wrapping you arms around him you snapped out of it kissing him back. Enjoying your first kiss until the teacher came back.
Stiles: It was a week after you had saved him from the alpha twins. And Stiles was taking you out for ice cream to make up for it. You two were at a local ice cream shop and he was ordering you ice cream coming back with him a few minutes later and while you were eating you ice cream. Stiles got some little above his lip and you chuckled and looked at him, you were gonna wipe it with a napkin when your decided to lean across the table and kiss him getting the ice cream off in a more creative way. Stiles had stopped whatever he was rambling about and kissing you back quickly. You pulled away licking your lips "don't know which is sweet your of the ice cream Stiles"You teased. He blushed, while you both enjoyed the rest of this little date.
Isaac: You were feeling down today, these another girls that liked Isaac put you down with harsh words and just made you feel horrible about your self. When you were on your way to lunch they came again with mean words you ignored them trying your best to stay calm, can't wolf out at school. But you were saving when a voice rang out "those aren't true at all (y/n) is better than all of you...leave her alone"That voice belonged to Isaac, very angry Isaac too. The girl quickly rushed away ashamed, Isaac walked over you and looked at you "You okay?"He asked, "did you really mean that?....what you said to them?..."You asked looking at him. Isaac blushed a little and scratching the back of his head "yeah...I did..." he said. You smiled and gently grabbed his scarf using it to pull him down pressing your lips to his kissing him. Isaac hands pressed to the wall on either side of you. Both lost in the bliss of your first kiss.
Aiden: This was actually your Second kiss cause if you remember he kissed when you first met. Now it was a weeks after that and you haven't kiss him since. And to be truthful you missed the feeling of his lips against your's. So today you were gonna kiss him and plus your friends dare you too and you don't back down from dares. So today you saw him at his locker getting his books and you rushed over quickly feeling anxious your heart started beating faster. As just as he turned around his arms holding his books you crashed your lips against him blushing, kissing him kinda needy. He had smirked and kissed you back holding his book with one arms and using the other to pull you close. Both enjoying the feeling of the your second kiss.
I do not own Teen wolf or any of the characters, just the ideas  written. hope you enjoy reading these! Comment any requests or any ideas you have for preferences. I do enjoy to writing your requests and thank you for taking the time to read my Teen wolf preferences!