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Adopted the youtuber (cryxreader)
Story published August 23, 2013 · updated November 9, 2013 · completed · 38 pages · 2,000 readers · 18,126 reads
along comes a yout
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Along comes a youtuber

Hey guys thanks for having a look at my story hope you like it please don’t copy or steal my story
“This is not fair! I am more than capable to look after myself!”
“you may think that but you are a young girl who can’t look after herself in the big world” the lady said trying to calm you down “age still matters and you are not old enough to live by yourself im really sorry but this has to be done..”  as her words trailed off making you cry silently “NO you cant make me!” you said this as you were running out of your house, tears strolling down you face while hearing the women shouting your name but you ignored her and kept running, thinking of the day of your parents death they have been gone for 3 months now we were such a happy family until that day came….
{Flashback-3 months ago}
We were heading back from a holiday in Florida my mum and dad were in the front while I was in the back I was just staring outside the window. They were arguing about something and my dad was not looking at the road and when he looked back at the road… it was too late and he drove into a bridge and the car plummeted into the cold water. Water was seeping in the car quickly I started shaking my mum I got no response, then when shaking my dad his aqua eyes opened half way and all he said was “im sorry and take care of yourself..” and his eyes slowly shut themselves… I had to get out of the car I kicked the back window breaking the glass and escaping the car I got to the shore and looked back at the car slowly sinking into the darkness.
{End of flashback}
 You didn’t notice where you were running and you ended up falling on top of someone as you rolled off the man you looked at his features dirty blond hair, light blue eyes, bit of stubble… could it be? THE pewdiepie was right in front of your (e/c) eyes “whoa watch where your going bro” “y-your p-pewdiepie” you stuttered “the one and only! You know you should have someone with you, where are your parents?” you looked at him with sadness in your (e/c) eyes. “I rather not talk about them…” “ok then, what’s your name?” “My name is ____” “nice too meet you ____ you must be a bro then?” “y-yes I love your videos and- before you could finish you felt a hand grab your shoulder you turned around to see the women standing behind you a cold shiver ran down your spine “there you are Ive been looking for you everywhere, I hope she wasn’t any trouble to you” “nope she was fine she is a really nice girl” he said that as he looked at you and he smiled. “Well _____ we should get going to the adoption center” “o-ok then…”I looked at pewdie and gave him the please-don’t –let-her-take-me look.
Felix’s POV:
“well ____ we should get going to the adoption center” I stood there looking at her face she was giving me the please-don’t–her-take-me face, as ____ and the women started to walk away to the women’s car I stood there in silence looking at _____ being dragged away, quickly I called up marzia and waited for her to pick up her phone she finally did “hello? Felix? What’s up?” “how would feel if I adopted someone?” “wait- WHAT you want to adopt someone? I not so sure Felix- “marzia please I really want to she can stay in the other spare bedroom! Please marzia…” “alright then I will see you later with her” “thanks babe I will see you later love you” and ended the call. when I looked around for ____ she was gone my heart was shattered. I sighed and started to walk to my house when all of a sudden I heard a car engine start up, I turned around to see a mini 4x4 drive pass with _____in the back crying her (e/c) eyes out. I took the chance and ran into the road stopping the car the women stuck her head out and gave me a horrible glare “what do you think your doing are you trying to get killed?!” I ran up to the women who was not in the mood to be spoke to “sorry but I want to adopt ____”
well guys that is the first chapter done. put in the comments what you want to do in the story thanks again!