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Whatever it Takes (A Remus Lupin Love Story)
Story published August 23, 2013 · updated September 4, 2013 · completed · 96 pages · 8,809 readers · 106,933 reads
Chapter Fourteen:
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Chapter Fourteen: Marauders to the Rescue

I'm sorry but this picture absolutely made my day ------------->

                ~Melody's Point of View~
         "Hello Melody. Nice of you to join us." A voice said. A voice I was terrified of since I was 11. A voice I never wanted to hear again. A voice belonging to my father. He said the countercurse and I was able to move again. Rodolphus set me down, but both he and Malfoy held my arms. 
        "Father" I spat out. 
        "You need to speak to me with respect." He sneered at me. 
        "What do you want?" I asked, keeping the same tone. I knew I was pushing my luck, but I didn't really care. He deserved no respect in my mind, so why should I give it to him. 
        "You  are coming home with me." He responded simply. 
        "The hell I am. I'm going no where with you." I raised my voice. I started to struggle, but they held to me tighter. 
        "You will do as I say. We have a wedding to arrange." He said smirking now. I froze completely. What on earth was he talking about. Who would be getting married?
        "Whose wedding would that be. If it's in the family, I won't be attending. This is not my family anymore. The Potters are." I responded. I didn't care about this family at all. Why would I help with a wedding.
        "Well it's not in the family, it's your wedding." He responded.
        "Ha Ha!" I laughed at him. "And why would I be getting married." I asked.
        "Because the Dark Lord has asked for your hand in marriage." I stopped laughing and stared. "And we accepted." He finished. I felt sick. I was completely disgusted. 
        "And why, would he do that?" I asked, trying to control my breathing. Don't panic, it won't help the situation. 
        "You're powerful of course. And being one of the most beautiful witches doesn't hurt. He wants you to join him, you will do great things together." He finished, smiling evilly.  
        "No." I simply said. I would never marry that monster. 
        "You don't have a say. You will come back with me. And you will marry him. You are his now." He said. I struggled against the boys holds again. If only I could get to my wand. 
        "I'd rather be tortured to death that be with that monster." I screamed. And I meant what I said. He was worse than anything in the world. He had no heart. He was mirthless and cared for no one, not even his own followers. 
        "You will be the Dark Lords wife. Together you will be unstoppable." He spoke again, snarling, but a light was in his eyes. A demented light. "Now come, we are leaving. And I will force you if I have to." He said, walking towards me. But then another voice spoke, stepping in front of me and pushing me back, away from Lucius and Rodolphus. 
        "Over my dead body." I was speechless. It was Remus. He assumed a protective stance in front of me growling. 
        "That can be arranged." My father answered. He raised his wand, but Remus was quicker. He quickly sent a disarming spell at my father and his wand came flying to Remus. Malfoy sent a stunning spell at Remus that missed by inches. Next thing I knew, James and Sirius joined in on the fight. I was dueling Bellatrix while James, Remus and Sirius took on the boys. 
        Curses were flying everywhere, but we were winning. I sent a stunning spell at Bellatrix and she went flying back into a tree, knocked out cold. But before I could bask in this, I was pulled into somebody. A wand pointed at my neck.
        "Stop, or i'll kill her." My father said. Everyone stopped and looked over at us. The boys looked petrified. I looked behind them as something caught my eye. It was Dumbledore. I smiled and winked at the boys. Now they looked shocked. 
        "You can't kill me, Voldemort will kill you." I responded smugly. "Imagine that, his soon to be wife killed by his soon to be father-in-law. He'll me furious." I felt his hold on my loosen. I looked to Dumbledore and he mouthed ropes to me. I understood, and looked to Remus to pass on the message. He nodded and whispered to James and Sirius. 
        "No, but i'm sure he'll still accept you barely alive." My father answered. "He only-" But he he was interrupted as sparks flew in the air. That was the sign. I shouted 'NOW' to the others and pushed away from my father. I watched as Albus sent ropes at my father and disarmed him. Remus, Sirius and James did the same and Albus tied all of them together. McGonagall and Slughorn emerged from the trees as well. They gathered them up and took them to the castle. 
        I felt everything crash in on me then. I took one look at Albus and started sobbing. He rushed over to me and pulled me into a hug. I heard the boys whispering soothing words and felt pats on my back. I felt myself being lifted and heard Albus say a spell. And soon, I fell into nothing but darkness.