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Story published August 25, 2013 · updated October 1, 2013 · 5 pages · 20 readers · 35 reads
Do you Love me? (J
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Do you Love me? (Jason)

So Here I am. In front of my Best friend. She was watching me move towards her and I'm making that quick move. I Leaned in and kissed her, Like that too.  It wasn't long before I broke the kiss to see that shocked Face.  I watched her stare at me with gorgeous sea blue eyes.  "You Can't Just Do that!" She yelled at me before moving back in a panic.  "Jason, that’s absurd! I-I can't! You Know Im Dating Noah!" She yelled at me.  Of course Im crushed inside. I knew she was dating Noah, and trust me, Noah's a great guy. I just don't think He's good enough for such a beautiful kind girl.  

"I'm Sorry Jessie." I Said. Putting my head down. I Rubbed the back of my neck. Now I Messed up the relationship between Me and Jessie.  "Its okay.." She muttered.  She looked up to me. "Jason..What was that all about?" I Could say 1 Out of the 50 things to say. 'Im In love with you.'  'it was just a test.' 'I can't keep myself away from you.'  Nah. She's dating Noah. And if Noah Finds out. Lets just say there will be a fist fight.  And Not a pretty one either.  

I Sighed. " Just don't tell Noah. Please. I don't want to get pounded." Told her.  "I.. You Know That didn't awnser my question.  Jason, Why Did you kiss me?!" She asked, Refusing the begging for her boyfriend not to beat me up.  I Looked away slightly, and she just stared at me.  Confused.  I Didn't Intend on this.  Really! I didn't know, until I heard.
"I Just want to know.. Because.. It was my first kiss Jason... You Took it before noah did." She told me.  My Eyes widdened.

How Did it happen this way? It started 2 years back Jessie and I Are so Close, I Missed my chance to tell her.  Noah my bestfriend, got to her and asked her out.  Really  I Couldn't help to be hurt.  Noah and Jessie we're going steady for 2 years..Noah and her had their ups and downs, yet, The fight they just had was mainly the reason I made my move.   

"Jessie...I wanted to say this for years, And Im going to say it..." I Began.  "Jessie, I L---" I got cut off with Noah rushing in and hugging Jessie.  I Turned away from them quickly, and  Sighed.   "Im Sorry," Noah told her.  Of course I left, over hearing her say 'I love you' to him.  I Really did mess up.  I Missed my chance, Messed up on the friendship, and Added possible conflict between Noah and I.

TBC= To Be Continued