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Ben x reader
Story published August 26, 2013 · updated January 1, 2014 · 10 pages · 201 readers · 1,010 reads
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There she was the one who started it all the one girl I couldn’t kill no matter what there she sat (h/c) hair blowing in the wind her (e/c) eyes staring into space her beautiful lips pursed into a small meek smile it was so funny she would never conclude that I could watch her so easily seen yet unseen she was so naïve so innocent….and I’ve loved her from the moment I saw her play my game “could she ever feel the same way?” I thought still watching her from her phone which was next to her on the brick wall that she sat on I heard her sigh as she grabbed her phone and jumped off the wall and began her walk home it was her everyday routine she’d play the game until she had died for the fifteenth time occasionally the sixteenth and she’d go sit on that brick wall down by the general store which resembled the happy mask salesman’s store she’d joke with her friends that one of these days he would try to sell them a mask and they’d laugh later on she’d go sit at  her computer and would go over her foolish brothers old journals trying to make sense of what Jadusable couldn’t that’s right her brother was my first victim and they were so different  he would freak out and she’d give the screen a blank stare pull out the cartridge blow on it then pop it back in he was so easy to drive insane she however showed no emotion and simply sighed in an aggravated tone when clever bot pulled up and would start a normal conversation with me but today’s conversation would not be normal I was going to tell her about my feelings
(y/n)’s pov 
     I jogged into my house tossed my phone onto the counter and headed upstairs to greet that Ben person on clever bot even though my brother told me not to get involved I’ve never listened to him and this was no different I was determined to figure out why Ben didn’t leave him alone granted now I was plagued by nightmares and I felt crazy but it would be worth it in the end. When I got upstairs sure enough my computer was on and clever bot pulled up
“Hello (y/n)”
“Hello Ben” 
“Nice to see you again (y/n)”
“Wish I could say the same Ben”
“Then why don’t you?”
“Technically he killed himself my dear”
“Whatever why didn’t you leave him alone you said you would?”
“I lied my dear. I am sorry”
“God you’re hot when you’re angry at me”
Wait….did He just hit on me?
“Did you just hit on me?”
“It would seem that way wouldn’t it dear? ;)
“You’ve got to be kidding me?!”
“I don’t kid around sweetie”
“I’m not your sweetie!!!!!!”
“Hm. Ok whatever you say….sweetie”
“Ugh!!!! I’ve got to go to bed I’ll deal with you in the morning”
With that I curled up in bed preparing myself for the nightmares sure to come.
Ben’s Pov
 After she finished talking I watched her from her computer as she curled up in bed I wanted to hold her in my arms so badly!!! To caress her face with my hand. Eventually her breathing shallowed saying she had fallen asleep, I quietly crept out of her computer and into her room walking over and sitting on her bed watching her toss and turn in her sleep no doubt having a nightmare I hated to give her nightmares but it had to be done ugh why did she have to be so different from everyone else? Why did I have to love her? The sister of my first victim and I loved her. Slendy wouldn’t do this and neither would Jeff. So why did I? as I sat there and thought until I noticed her stirring as if she had woken up out of the corner of my eye I faced her to come face to face my red and black eyes staring into her beautiful (e/c) eyes she opened her mouth to scream and I took a drastic measure and I kissed her to silence her.