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Can You Feel My Heart [Nico di Angelo FanFic]
Story published August 26, 2013 · updated 11 months ago · 73 pages · 12,096 readers · 112,890 reads
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Shai (Pronounced "shy")
As a kid, I always prayed and wished that my life would be an adventure, unordinary. I used to wish that when I die, I'd either die in a battle or a war, or die while trying to save the world from an evil wizard. I didn't want to grow up and get a job as a lawyer, or accountant, or doctor. No, I wanted to be a fighter, a warrior. I wanted to be a wizard or something among those lines; going on amazing and dangerous adventures. I wanted to be like Harry Potter or Mulan. I wanted no part in ordinary life, dying as an unknown stranger. I wanted more to life. 
        And where am I now? Oh, you know, just slaying this ten foot, fire breathing giant, no biggie. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention the part where my best friend's life is in my hands and at stake on whether or not I kill this monster along with the risk of saving the world? I didn't? Whoops. 
        But that's not where my story begins? Nope. It begins on that one day where I forgot to drink my second cup of coffee and when I forgot to take my pills...

"Shai! Hurry the hell up!" my friend Annabeth shouts. We've been best friends for about two months now, ever since we both started our new school coincidentally on the same day. I ignored her and stared at the creature staring back at me through my mirror. She smiled at me, her eyes empty and her lips sewn loosely. I took in a shaky breath and let my eyes slide close. 
        "She's not real, she's not real..." I whispered, my voice wavering. I opened my eyes again hesitantly and saw her right behind my shoulder this time. At the same moment, Annabeth swung my door open and barged right in. The girl disappeared and a scream emitted from my lips. Annabeth stared at me in shock as my eyes shut tightly and my hands slammed to my ears, covering them. She rushed forward and scooped me into a hug. 
        "It's just me, Shai," Annabeth murmured. Her voice was muffled from my hands over my ears, but I could steal hear. I uncovered my ears and opened my eyes to see Annabeth's worried reflection and my weak one. Clearing my throat, I straightened up and took a deep breath. 
        "Shai, are you seeing things again?" she asked me concerned. 
        "...yeah," I shrugged. 
        "Shai, you're supposed to be taking medicine," Annabeth chastised me. 
        "Like they do me any good," I rolled my eyes. Annabeth gave me a look. I turned away from her, grabbing my book bag. "Let's go, we'll be late!"
        "Race you there!" Annabeth shouted, running out my bedroom door and probably out the door and down to the lobby. I sighed dramatically as I walked out of my room. I ran my hand through my brown hair and adjusted my jacket.
        "Mom?" I called out, walking into the kitchen. I saw her standing at the stove, her curly blue hair strung up into a high ponytail. She had gray and white streaks here and there. Mom whipped around, a set of blue waffles. Yeah, blue (food dye, of course.) I grinned widely. I took the delicious breakfast and she gave me a kiss on the forehead. 
        "Ready for school?" she asked, her smooth voice calming me even more. 
        "As much as I'd like to say yes..." I trailed off. "Um, can Annabeth and I stay at the pool after school?"
        Mom's pondering face came on and I pouted. "Please?"

        "You should really come home today...."
        "Pretty please?"
        Mom sighed, "Fine only for a little while."
        "Yes!" I cheered, giving her slim frame a tight hug. Mom chuckled and hugged me back. "See ya later!" I called as I ran from the apartment. 
        "Be home by four! Love you!"
        My mom is the coolest mom ever. I'm not kidding. She cooks me pink and blue food! How cool is that? But she does work really hard in order to keep her and I financially stable and me in school. I wish she didn't have to work so hard so much. You can see it in her face that she works hard. My mom, Esther, is a really good person. She's patient, she's kind, she's always smiling, she has blue hair...Yeah, she's awesome. 
        But my dad had walked out on my mom and I when I was three months old. He just walked right out, never to return again. It angers me so much to think about him, and about all the trouble he put mom through. I don't even know who he is, his name, or how he looks like. But my mom always tries to convince me he's a good person, and I shouldn't hate him, and that there's a good reason to why he left. I don't believe any of it. What 'good' reason could there possibly be for walking out on the mother of your child? None. 
        "Shaiiii," Annabeth sang, waving her hand in front of my face. 
        "Huh?" I asked, snapping back to reality. 
        Annabeth rolled her eyes, "I said can I have some of your waffles!"
        "Oh," I blushed and handed her my blue one. Annabeth laughed and shoved half of it into her mouth, while I took a small enough bite. 
        "We swimming in the pool later?" she asked me, her mouth full of blue mush. 
        I nodded, "Definitely." I was so eager and excited to get back into the water and swim. Water is my favorite thing in the world, (besides greek mythology, floral print, and food) and I just love to swim and be at the beach and study about the ocean. It's just...fascinating. Oh yeah, and I can hold my breath for two minutes. 
        The school bus arrived shortly and we climbed on. But I felt eyes staring into the back of my head. Hesitantly, I looked behind me and saw the lady with no eyes again smiling at me. I cringed and hurriedly boarded the bus and sat next to Annabeth. I always felt safer around her. Is that weird? Probably not as weird as seeing dead people...

Yeah, this is my first Percy Jackson story. Hope its...average so far...Action and stuff will most likely happen in the next chapter. Yeah, thanks for reading!   (Oh and sorry it's a bit short...)

Rights to Rick Riordan.
Please, have a heart, and no plagiarism?
Thanks, lovelies.
Enjoy :)