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Where Have You... year I & II *Snape & daughter stor
Story published August 27, 2013 · updated 2 weeks ago · 50 pages · 800 readers · 8,274 reads
Chapter 11
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Chapter 11

Raven eyes slowly opened and bright light bombarded her eyes.

‘Please turn everything to black.. I beg you..’ groaned Raven who quickly hide her face underneath her blankets.
She heard a an old familiar snort who she used to know so well..
‘Dad?’ thought Raven as she peeked slowly over the blankets and saw her father sleeping in a chair next to the bed.
She slide herself slowly out of bed and poked slowly her father’s cheek.
‘Time to wake up sleeping beauty..’ whispered Raven as she start pulling gently on Severus sleeve.
Severus opened his tired eyes and met the bright blue eyes from his daughter.
‘Hey da-‘ before Raven could finish her sentence Severus pulled her in a big bear hug.
‘I’m so sorry Raven… for everything’ whispered Severus over and over.
Raven eyes became teary…
She missed her father hugs more then she imaging.
‘It’s good to have you back dad..’ whispered Raven with a shacking voice as she starts crying into his chest.
Severus placed a kiss on her black hair and starts rubbing her back to calm her down.
Time passed by and Severus sat Raven on his lap while he hugged her.
‘Why did get yourself in suchs a mess?’ asked Severus with a frown while he heard her smirk a little.
They accused you for helping Voldemort… and I wanted to prove them that you were innocent’  stated Raven while she nod against his chest.
Severus patted her head and couldn’t help but to smile a bit.
‘So… what did you think about the riddle I made?’ asked Severus curious.
‘Way to easy dad… way to easy’ stated Raven while she poked his chest while Severus snort a bit.
They didn’t notice that someone entered the sick bay and walking towards them.
‘Then there is a question for you Raven…’ said an elderly voice coming from behind.
Severus and Raven saw Albus coming into the picture.
‘How did you come up with Harry touching Quirrell?’ asked Albus while his twinkling greyblue eyes met the one from Raven.
Raven frowned a moment en thought back.
‘Well I know that Voldemort is a heartless person’ stated Raven slowly while Albus nod.
‘So well I know Harry most beloved by his parents at least once.. or by you or someone’ stated Raven as Severus raised his eyebrow.
‘Love is the best protection someone can give… like what mom did for me..’ whispered Raven the last part.
‘So.. I came up that he needed to touch him… he probably would have been set on fire or something in that matter’ stated Raven as she nod.
Albus patted her head and smiled.
‘Your mind and heart is your strongest weapon, Raven’ stated Albus with a smile.
‘I’ve got them from my parents of crouse they are the best’ said Raven with a smirk while Severus shook his head with a smile.
Then there were three students walking inside.
Two who Raven knew so well.. and the other she hated a lot..
Raven stared at the boy with black hair and one with red hair and completely ignored the girl.
‘Potter and Weasley’ stated Raven from her father’s lap.
Severus shot his famous glare towards them as he hold Raven’s hand.
‘I.. uhm we came here to apologize…’ began Harry as Ron nodded in agreement.
‘I won’t accept it… first you accused my father for something he would never do’ sneered Raven as she shot Harry and Ron a glare.
‘Then you just dropt me and ignored me and let her taking my place… that’s something what friends won’t do’ continue Raven.
‘But we didn’t mean to!’ peeped Harry who completely ignored Severus existence.
‘Raven.. we did miss you a lot’ filled Ron in while Hermoine just stood there shooting a glare towards Raven.
‘Liars, I don’t need friends who ditch someone and replace them with someone new at ease… I want true friends!!’ yelled Raven as she squeezed a little bit in Severus hand.
‘Now, leave me alone go have fun with your new miss-know-it-all friend!’ yelled Raven as she glared at Hermoine.
Harry was about to opened his mouth but Ron pulled him away and Hermione held her head up as they walked out the sick bay.
Raven hide her face in her hands and started to cry.
Severus stared at Albus for a moment who nodded and walked away.

‘You did well Raven…’ whispered Severus as he made her cry into his chest..

Tu-du-du-du-du-DUM.... is this the end for their friendship?
Hope you liked it... Comments and <3 are always welcome!