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So over Becky (Adam Torres)
Story published August 28, 2013 · 3 pages · 139 readers · 306 reads
Chapter 1: Get ove
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Chapter 1: Get over it

Adam's POV

I sat in the truck going through mine and Becky's text messages. I missed her so much. I messed everything up. I needed to make it right. Soon. Someone knocked on my window and I looked to see Drew. I rolled down the window and he sighed.
"The kids have been asking for you." he said.
"So?" I shrugged and looked back at the test messages.
"Adam come on, please just sulk at home." Drew asked.
"No. I'll be sulking everywhere. I need her." I replied.
"Get over it. It's done. You need to meet someone knew." Drew suggested.
"I don't want to meet anyone new." I said, stubbornly.
"Just come with me to the Dot later okay? There's something I wanna show you." Drew said.
"Sure whatever."
Drew sighed and walked away. He probably just wanted me to meet a girl. No girl could make any of this right. No girl could make me feel good about myself again. It just wasn't gonna happen.

I sat in the Dot with Drew and my smoothie waiting for the entertainment. He said there was something special going on. I sighed and looked at the stage to see someone setting up the mic. A girl. I couldn't help staring. She was really pretty. But Becky was prettier. She looked up at me and gave me a little smile. I returned it and she continued to set up. Drew and Bianca continued to talk and be lovey dovey. People started clapping as a guitar started playing. I looked back at the stage and the girl who was setting up started singing. She was amazing. I couldn't help but smile as she performed. And she used the whole room. She ran around and danced on tables. When she came to me, she took a sip of my smoothie and I chuckled. She smiled and winked as she continued to sing. Everyone loved her. It was like a concert. People stood up and danced and clapped. She sang this and when she got to the high note, she hit it perfectly. Everyone clapped when she finished. She bowed and I turned to Drew.
"You like her?" he asked.
"Yes! Who is she?" I said, in awe.
"Ask her yourself." Drew chuckled.
I turned to see her walking over to us. I froze up and she leaned on our table.
"Thanks for setting this gig up for me Drew." They fist pumped and Drew smiled.
"Amber, meet my brother Adam. Adam, this is Amber." Drew pushed me to my feet and Amber giggled.
"Amber Gold." she held out her hand to shake and I took it.
We shook hands and then quickly let go. The entire time, she had a smile on her face.
"So, your a singer. You did great." I said.
"Thanks. Nice smoothie by the way." Amber winked and I blushed.
I looked down, hoping she wouldn't see it. Amber chuckled and put her hands on her hips.
"Anyway, I gotta go. Nice seeing you again Drew, Bianca." I looked up and Amber gave me a thoughtful smile. "Adam."
I nodded and she went back to the stage. I turned around to Drew and Bianca and they had huge smiles on their faces.
"What?" I grabbed my smoothie and took a long awkward sip.
"Nothing. But Amber is in town for a while. Try the whole summer. Maybe you should get to know her." Drew suggested.
I looked back at Amber and she waved to me. I waved back and smiled.
"Maybe I will."