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Story published August 29, 2013 · updated 4 months ago · completed · 92 pages · 24,000 readers · 147,475 reads
#1 You Have A Terr
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#1 You Have A Terrible First Day

Louis (Age 13): You walked home from your first day at your new middle school. You hated it! Everyone already had their friends, being in eighth grade, and teacher's taught different than you were used to. Kids talked to you, obviously with being Louis' sister and all, but you could tell they were trying to use you for the boys. You walked up your driveway, into your house more mad then upset, but your anger always turned to tears. You walk into the living room, Louis sitting on the couch on his laptop. You throw your bag onto the ground causing a loud thud, and ran up the stairs. "(Y/N)?!" He calls as you rush up the stairs. You run into your room, shutting the door before sliding down the wall next to it. You weren't crying yet, but that was bound to happen soon! You sat there for a few moments, before the door opened. Standing there was Louis. He sees you on the ground, and sinks down next to you. "(Y/N)..." He starts cautiously, "What happened?" You look up, "It was the worst! Everyone already has their friends, the teacher's teach weird, and the kids who did talk to me obviously wanted to use me!" You exclaim, as tears started to fall. He sighs, "I'm sorry, (Y/N). I know it's tough, and I wish I could say it would get better." He tells you,  pulling you into a hug as you cried into his shirt. "Thanks, Lou." You say, once you were done crying, as you pulled away. "No problem. Now how does a comedy movie marathon sound?" He asks. You grin, "Starting with Pitch Perfect?" You ask, "As always!" He says, standing up reaching out a hand to help you up.

Harry (Age 10): You had just gotten off the bus after what you classified as THE WORST DAY EVER. When you got to school, you found out that you had to be in a class with the girl you met in the park last week who was a total jerk. Then the teacher made you SIT next to HER. And to make it worse, you ended up flunking your first math test. Yay! Not. Then at lunch the girl who you found out was named Kaelin, and her friends started pushing you around, and you fought back. Kaelin played the victim and you got in trouble! On your first day too! You walked up the driveway, knowing the school had called Harry and he'd probably be mad. Okay, you knew for sure that he was going to be mad. You entered the house, tossing your bag onto the ground with a light thud, "Harry?" You call. "In the living room!" He calls back. You walk into the living room and he was sitting there on the couch on his phone, "I got a call from your school today. Mind telling me why you're getting in trouble on your first day?!" He exclaims, setting the phone down. "It wasn't me! Okay? It was the girl from the park last week! The teacher made me sit next to her, I ended up failing my math text, and at lunch she and her friends started pushing me around. I pushed them away, they played the victim, and I got in trouble!" You say, as the tears pricked your eyes. "That's still not a-(Y/N)?" He asks, as he realizes you were trying not to cry. "Today was terrible! And tomorrow's not going to be any better!" You exclaim, your voice cracking. "Aw, (Y/N)." He says, standing up and walking over to you, pulling you into a hug as you started to cry. "It'll get better, okay?" He tells you and you nod into his shirt, "Now, how about we go get some dinner?" You grin, and pull away nodding.

Liam (Age 18): You walked into your house as you tossed your bag to the ground. You had just started college, and to say it was going bad was an understatement. You walk into the kitchen, to find Liam standing there making a sandwich. ''Hey, (Y/N). How was your first day?" He asks, looking up. "Terrible." You reply shortly, looking in the pantry for some food. "How so?" He asks, now paying attention, "I have the worst teachers ever!  I know NO ONE! No one's talking to me, my car broke down halfway home so I had to walk, and to top it all off there's a bunch of people who are trying to be my friend for you and the boys!" You explain, turning around. He stood there, unable to create a coherent thought, "I'm sorry, (Y/N). Are you okay?" He asks, "I can take you tomorrow if you want." He says. "Thanks, Li. And yeah, I'm fine. I'm just going to get started on the thousand pages of homework I have." You tell him, grabbing the jar of Nutella out of the pantry, and a spoon out of the drawer. "Homework already? And are you really going to just eat that out of the jar?" You shrug, "Yeah. Thanks, Li.'' You say and go up the stairs.

Niall (Age 14): Today was your first day of High School, which completely sucked. You were pushed into the lockers multiple times, got lost too many times to count, had no friends, and anyone who talked to you was either asking you to move or about the boys. Basically it was terrible. You hated new schools, and to top it off, it was your FIRST day of High School. You were a freshman this year, and it was already looking like it was going to be terrible. And, another thing, you had to walk home! You missed the bus, and Niall was busy at the studio. That left you with one option. You finally, after a half an hour, walked up your driveway. You walked into the house, threw your bag on the floor, and rushed up the stairs to take a shower. Fifteen minutes into it, there was a knock at the door, "(Y/N)? You okay?" It was your older brother, Niall. "Yeah, Ni. I'm fine, I'll be out in a second!" You yell back, as you finish rinsing out your hair. When you were done, you got out, got dressed, and went into your room. Niall was sitting there on your bed waiting, "So? How was your first day?" He asks. "Horrible." You say, sitting next to him. "Really? Why?" He asked, concerned. "I was shoved into the lockers so many times, got lost a lot too, missed the bus so I had to walk home, and everyone who talked to me was only asking me to move or about you guys." You answer. He frowns, ''I'm sorry, (Y/N). You could have called me to pick you up!" He says. "You were busy, I didn't want to bug you." You shrug. He rolls his eyes, "You wouldn't have. Now, let's go watch some movies, yeah?" You nod, and follow him downstairs, your bad day forgotten.

Zayn (Age 6): You had started Kindergarten today. It was bad, to say the least. You were older then everyone else by a year, so no one wanted to talk to you. You got in trouble for "stealing" another girl's crayons, when really they stole them from you, and they pushed you around outside too! Once you got off the bus, you see Zayn standing there. You try to hold in your tears as you walk over to him. "Hi (Y/N)! How was-Oh, are you okay?" He asks, as he takes your hand. You shake your head as tears began to fall, "Everyone was so mean to me and I don't know why! I got in trouble for stealing crayons from someone but they stole them from me! And they pushed me around outside." You tell him as you began to cry. He sighs, "I'm sorry!" And picks you up. "They're just jealous, okay, (Y/N)? Let's go get ice cream, yeah?" You smile, and stop crying as you both head back to your house.

*Sorry Zayn's sucks. I kinda ran out of ideas.*