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One Direction BSM Preferences
Story published August 29, 2013 · updated 7 months ago · completed · 92 pages · 26,305 readers · 161,595 reads
#14 He Forgets You
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#14 He Forgets Your Birthday

Louis (Age 14): You were turning 14 today, and you were really excited. You slipped out of bed, and got the outfit you had planned last night that really reflected your personality. Crazy, weird, and funny. Louis wasn't up yet, considering the fact that it was 7:30. You pulled on a light hoodie, seeing as it was chilly in the morning. You ate breakfast, and headed toward the bus stop. When you got to school, your friends had decorated your locker, and when you opened it balloons scattered the hallway, making everyone cheer. At lunch, they made the janitor sing happy birthday to you, and in seventh period your teacher let everyone have cupcakes and soda that they brought too. Basically, your friends were amazing. Once you got home, you found your mom in the kitchen making dinner for your birthday and you could smell the cake in the oven. Louis appears in the kitchen, "Hey mom. Why ya making cake?" He asks. You stare at him in shock, did he really not know? "Louis, don't play dumb. You know why." Your mom scolds. He stands there confused, "Is it someone's birthday, or something?" He asks, "But seriously, why?" You scoff, "Wow." You mutter and walk out of the kitchen, hearing your mom saying to Louis, "Lou, it's (Y/N)'s birthday! How did you not remember?"

Harry (Age 13): You had been waiting for this day for years. The day you were officially a teenager. You got out of bed, and got dressed. You went downstairs to find no one awake. You didn't mind, that was normal. You went off to school, and had a really good day. Your friends had decorated your locker and your mom brought pizza for you and your friends for lunch too. When you got home with your friends, you had a bunch of balloons tied to your bag, and your friends made you wear the crown they made. You all were laughing really hard as you went into the living room. Harry sat there on his phone, "Hey, (Y/N). What's up with the balloons and crown? Is it one of your friend's birthday?" He asks. You stare at him in shock, "Uh, no." He looks at you, "Then why are you wearing it?" You scoff, "And you call yourself my brother." And rush up the stairs, you could hear your best friend, Taylor yell at him, "Are you a bloody idiot?! It's (Y/N)'s birthday!" And rush up after you.

Niall (Age 15): You were turning fifteen, and your mom had planned a big day for you and a few of your closest friends. You got up out of bed and went to take a shower. You got dressed and walked out of the bathroom hearing your mom calling you. Downstairs, you find her in the kitchen. You eat breakfast, and there was a honk outside, your friends were here. You rush out, and prepared for a fun day. You went the mall and went shopping, then went to the movies where you saw the newest Hunger Games movie. You then went to lunch, then went to a YouTuber performance your mom had gotten you tickets for. It had basically all of the YouTubers you loved, and it was awesome. After the performance, you all had dinner, and then headed back to your house for your friends to spend the night. When you get home, Niall's sitting there, "Hey, (Y/N). How was your day?" He asks. "Oh my gosh, it was legit the best day ever. Mom planned this whole big thing for me and my friends today, and it was so fun!" You say, as your friends went up to your room. "What? Why'd she do that?" He asks. You stare at him in disbelief. "Because it's my birthday!" You exclaim. He looks at you, but you didn't wait for an answer, and stormed up the stairs to seek comfort from your best friends.

Liam (Age 14): Your were turning fourteen today, and your mom surprised you with two tickets and backstage passes to your favorite band's concert, Emblem3. You were so excited, and you were singing their songs as you got ready. When you were done, you went down the stairs, seeing Liam for the first time that day. You expected him to say happy birthday, or something of that sort, but he said nothing, just greeted you. You brushed it off, and went into the kitchen to eat before you left. You were going with your best friend Lily, who was also a big fan. You got a text from her saying they were here. You grabbed the tickets and passes, put them in your purse, and walked out toward the front door. "Where ya headed (Y/N)?" Liam asks as you're almost halfway to the door. "To the Emblem3 concert, Mom got me and Lily tickets." You say. "Why'd she do that? Is it Lily's birthday or something?" He asks. You stare at him in disbelief but shook your head and put on your shoes. "Well...?" He asks. You groan, "No! It's not freaking Lily's birthday! It's mine!" You exclaim. "Wait, (Y/N)!" You roll your eyes, "I got to go, Lily's waiting for me." You say, walking out of the door slamming it shut.

Zayn (Age 16): Your birthday was on the day of the dance, and you and all of your friends were on the dance committee. You had took three weeks of convincing, but finally got permission to turn it into a half dance half birthday party. Your mom had ordered three cakes (obviously) and everyone chipped in to make everything perfect. You and your mom had gone shopping the other day, and you were getting  readyfor what would probably be the best night ever. You hear a honk outside as you finished your hair. Your best friend, KhyLeigh was here. You grab your bag and rush out, toward the living room, "Where you going (Y/N)?" Zayn asks. "To the dance slash birthday party!" You tell him, putting on your shoes. "Why's it a dance slash birthday party?" He asks. You look at him, "Well, me and all of my friends are on the dance committee and after three weeks we were able to convince them to let us make it half a birthday party." You answer. "For who?" You look at him. Was he serious right now? "For me, you idiot!" You exclaim, rushing out of the door, preparing to get your mind off of your idiot brother tonight.