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The Sea Will Take Me Home (Jack Sparrow Love Story) *Finishe
Story published August 30, 2013 · updated December 5, 2013 · completed · 34 pages · 1,977 readers · 14,375 reads
A Pirate In Port R
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A Pirate In Port Royal


Ember's pov

"Yes father?" I called back and he popped his head through the window below to look up at me.
"Can you please get off the roof? This is not ladylike behaviour." he said exasperated and I rolled my eyes before climbing down.
Father moved away from the window as I lightly swung through it and straightened up. He cast what i was wearing a disapproving look and called for a maid to bring a box in.
"It is Norrington's promotion ceremony today and you need to dress appropriately." he said as he pulled a dress out of the box.
"I am not wearing that." I scowled.
"Ember please." he sighed. "Elizabeth's wearing one."

Now that really pissed me off. My sister's such a suck up and more than that, she actually likes dressing like a snob. Me? I like to dress comfortable. My white shirt was unbuttoned, a knot in the front of it tying it around my chest, my stomach on show, my comfortable tan trousers held up with a thick brown belt with an orange chequered sash tucked under it, my thigh-high brown leather boots which fit snugly to my legs, my black bandanna helping to keep my hair out of my eyes and the necklace and earrings one of the local children gave me for fishing their doll out of the water at the docks.

I decided to ignore my father and slotted my two daggers into their respective holders on the side of each of my boots. Pulling my leather gloves on I turned back to face my father who made an angry noise before turning and walking out. I don't really care to be honest. It's been this way forever. Elizabeth is the darling younger daughter and i'm the rebellious older daughter who leaves her father despairing over what went wrong with me. No one can force me to be someone i'm not. Will understands. I often practice sword fighting with him. He's besotted with Elizabeth, not sure why, I mean she did find him at sea when she was sailing with Norrington and father when we were younger but that's about it, and she feels the same way about Will but neither of the useless buggars will admit it.

Finally I decided to leave my room and I headed downstairs to where the carriage was waiting. I climbed in and sat next to father before the carriage began to move. Father wouldn't look at me and Elizabeth just gave me a smug smile. I rolled my eyes at her but she just shook her head disapprovingly and looked haughtily out of the window instead. Wonderful.

It was really hot stood out in the courtyard watching the ceremony. I was fine but Elizabeth was rather overusing her fan, I thought snickering. That dress must have fifty million layers. So not practical. Finally Norrington was handed his sword that Will had made, there was some violin music which was awful and then Norrington pulled Elizabeth off to one side. He's going to propose to her. That should be fascinating. I was watching her for her response but she just kept fanning herself and then she collapsed over the wall and into the sea. It's quite a long drop really.

"Elizabeth!" Norrington yelled and some other guards ran over to him as he was preparing to dive in.
"The rocks!" one of the guards cried. "Sir, it's a miracle she missed them!"
They ran past me to run down to the docks but she'd drown by the time they got there. I know she's stuck up and irritating but she's my sister still and I know where the rocks are so i'm not about to let that stop me.
"Ember don't!" Norrington yelled.
He must have looked back and seen me running towards the wall. Oh well, it's too late for him to stop me, I thought as I jumped off the wall and gracefully dived into the water after Elizabeth.

Jack's pov

"And then they made me their chief." I finished saying to the two guards on board the Interceptor when there was a massive splash off to my right and some yelling. Someone's obviously fallen into the water. Probably a woman.
"Are you going to be rescuing her then?" I asked the two guards.
"I can't swim!" one of them said as the other one shook his head.
"Pride of the King's navy you are." I groaned and was just about to get ready to jump in after her when there was a second smaller splash as someone else dived in after her from the top wall.

They were both underwater for so long I almost jumped in but then they surfaced. The person who'd jumped in after her was also a woman which was quite surprising and she was towing the woman who'd fallen in towards the dock. She'd had to remove part of the woman's dress as it must have been weighing her down in the water and I helped the woman haul the other one onto the dock.
"Not breathing!" one guard said worriedly as he moved her hair off her face.
"Move!" I snapped pulling out my knife and kneeling down next to her.
Cutting the first part I then ripped the corset off her and she coughed, spitting out some water.
"I never would have thought of that." the woman who'd dived in after her said.
"Clearly you've never been to Singapore." I replied as I turned to look at her.

Now she was something different. She was wearing trousers like a man, leather boots, her shirt showed off her toned stomach and a black bandanna kept her fiery red hair out of her eyes. The two daggers strapped to each boot were interesting. Very interesting indeed.
"I'm Ember." she said, holding out her hand and I shook it as she said, "You just saved my sister Elizabeth."
"Your sister?" I said in surprise as I looked back at the woman coughing on the dock. The two looked nothing alike and they certainly didn't dress alike.

The gleam of gold around Elizabeth's neck caught my eye and I picked up the medallion hanging around her neck. The skull in the middle of it glared at me as I recognised it.
"Where did you get that?" I stared at her.
Before she could answer all the bloody guards arrived and the lead guy pulled a sword on me. Some pompous twit called Norrington.
"On your feet." he said sternly and I raised an eyebrow as I slowly got up.
"Elizabeth!" some guy who was obviously the Governor here and her father, called as he pulled her up and wrapped a cloak around her shoulders.
He glared at me as he ordered,
"Shoot him!"
"Father!" Ember and Elizabeth exclaimed at the same time.
"Do you really intend to kill my rescuer?" Elizabeth continued.

They put their guns down and I breathed a sigh of relief, nodding in thanks to them.
"I believe thanks are in order." Norrington said haughtily, holding his hand out to me.
I frowned and Ember gave a little shake of her head but I reached out and took his hand. Wished I hadn't when he pulled me towards him and pulled up my sleeve to reveal the pirate brand.
"Had a brush with the East India Trading Company did we.....pirate?"
I winced as the Governor's order changed to,
"Hang him!"
"Gilette fetch some irons!" Norrington called as he pulled my sleeve higher to reveal my sparrow tattoo. "Well, well, well. Jack Sparrow."
"It's Captain Jack Sparrow actually."

Ember's pov

This is fascinating. I wonder what tricks he's got up his sleeve to escape. I've finally met an actual pirate. Elizabeth has surprised me though. She's still trying to convince father and Norrington to not kill Jack. I can see Jack thinking and working something out. I can't wait to see what he does next. I didn't have to wait long. Jack had his things taken off him and he was clapped in irons. Then he grabbed Elizabeth using the chain of the irons around her neck to threaten Norrington into giving him his things back. He smirked as Elizabeth had to tie his gun belt back around his waist and I snickered at the look on Elizabeth's face which earned me glares from father and Norrington and a wink from Jack.
When she'd finished tying the belt Jack backed up with Elizabeth.
"Gentlemen......and lady." he added winking at me again. "You will remember this as the day that you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow!"
He shoved Elizabeth back towards us and used the pulley system for the cannons to winch himself out of reach of the guards. Clever. I grinned as I leaned against the wall and watched the show.

Jack ended up swinging in a big circle as the wooden beam rotated in the air.
"Now will you shoot him?!" father snapped and Norrington yelled,
"Open fire!"
They began shooting but Jack managed to land on a beam and used the irons on a rope to slide down it and he landed on his feet before taking off running.
"Gilette." Norrington scowled. "Mr Sparrow has an appointment with the gallows. I would hate for him to miss it."
All the guards disappeared after Jack. Elizabeth and father took one look at me grinning from ear to ear and walked off haughtily. Again i'm not bothered. I'm determined to find Captain Jack Sparrow.


Will-   "You cheated!"
Jack-   "Pirate."

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