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Finding Willow (Zayn Malik Adoption Story)
Story published August 30, 2013 · updated January 7, 2014 · 29 pages · 7,606 readers · 73,175 reads
Chapter Three Meet
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Chapter Three Meeting the Boys

   The woman's arms dropped to her side and she looked astonished. "Mr. Malik that is not necessary." "Just get me the paperwork." I sighed. She scurried back behind her desk and grabbed a clipboard with papers on them. "I will get the filled out and returned to you." I told her and walked out. I placed Willow back in her car seat and strapped her in. "Are you ready to meet our crazy uncles?" I asked her. She nodded vigorously and smiled. I got into the driver's seat and left the horrid place that hurt my little girl.
   "Liam can you have all of the boys come to my place?" I asked into my phone as I carried Willow into my flat. "Yeah. What time?" Liam asked. "Now." I said. There was a bit of shuffling on the other line and then the line went dead. I was about to call Liam back when I got a text from him.
From Daddy Direction: Sorry, I didn't mean to hang up. We will be over in 10.
   I replied saying okay and sat Willow down on the couch. "I am going to get your stuff out of the car and make a phone call. You stay her and watch cartoons." I told the little brunette and switched the TV on some cartoons. She nodded and settled into the couch. 
   I pulled my phone back out of pocket and dialed the number for the store Willow and I went to earlier. "Hello, how can I help you?" A man asked. "I need to have some items delivered." "When?" "Today." I said. "Sorry, we don't do same day delivery." I am Zayn Malik, I will pay to have it delivered." I hate pulling that card on people and I done it twice today. "Oh! We will have it there in 10 minutes." "Thank you." I said and hung up.
   I walked to my car and gathered all the items and bags I could and brought them into the house. I repeated the process until all of it was in the flat. Within seconds of getting it all in the house my door flung open and four familiar lads walked in.
   "Hey." They chorused. "Hey mates. There is someone here I want you all to meet." I said. They all stared at me with anticipation. I smiled and walked around to the front of the couch. I picked Willow up and brought her around so the boys could see her. "This is my daughter." I told them. Everyone stared at us wide-eyed except Louis, who looked confused. "She is to big to be your baby and Perrie was never pregnant." Louis pointed out. "I adopted her." I chuckled. Louis mad and 'o' with his mouth and nodded. 
   "This is Willow." I told them the all waved to her. She got she and buried her head in my neck. "Willow." I cooed. She pulled her head away and a started to introduce the boys to her. "That is Uncle Li, Uncle Ni, Uncle Haz, and Uncle Lou." I pointed to each of them and they waved to her individually. "Does Simon know?" Liam asked. "No, not yet, but I don't think he gets to choose whether or not I have a child." I said. "Can I hold her?" Niall asked. "Willow is it okay if Uncle Ni holds you?" I asked the shy little girl. She gave me a small nod and reached for Niall. I handed her to him and they started to play with the Barbie dolls.
   "While they play will you all help me set up her room?" I asked the other three boys. They nodded and we started to carry all of her stuff to her room. Louis fold, hung, and organized her clothes and shoes, Liam worked on putting the bed together, Harry arranged the room, and I painted.
   After hours of painting, building, and organizing, Willow's room was finished. I walked into the living room to show her, but I found her and Niall asleep together on the couch. I snapped a quick picture and picked Willow up. I carried her into my room because her paint was still wet.

   "Zayn, we have to go now." Harry said. "Okay, just leave Niall here I will take him home tomorrow." Harry nodded and all the others left. I grabbed my pajamas and walked into the bathroom. I stripped from my sweaty, paint-covered clothes and got in the shower.
   "Daddy." A small voice called. I looked through the glass shower to see Willow standing in the doorway. I quickly shut the water off and grabbed the towel I set out. I covered my mid-section and opened the door. "Baby girl, Daddy will be out soon. Go back to my bedroom and wait." The little girl rubbed her eyes and yawned, then went back to the bedroom.
   I dried of and slipped my pajama pants on, then joined her. "Let's get you some pajamas." I said as I picked her. I carried her to her room and grabbed a pajama top and matching pants. "My room?" Willow asked. "Yes, this is your room." She stared at it with wide-eyes and smiled. Seeing her happiness made me smile from ear-to-ear.
   I changed her into her pajamas and we went to bed.
   "Zayn! I lost Willow!" Niall urgently yelled, waking me up. "She is right here. Now shut up and go back to bed." I said and pointed to the still sleeping Willow. He sighed in relief and left.

She was abused. She was bruised. She was scared, but most of all, She was saved.