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One Direction Preferences
Story published September 1, 2013 · completed · 35 pages · 4,489 readers · 28,287 reads
Scenario: Meeting
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Scenario: Meeting The Fans

Harry: You're out vacationing with Harry in New York City, trying hard not to get noticed, but you knew it would happen eventually. "OH MY GOD IS THAT HARRY STYLES?" A group of about 5 girls came running up to him, asking for pictures and autographs. He smiled and said yes. They then saw you there. Expecting to get hate, you stood there, and smiled. "(Y/N)?" They asked. You nodded. "I. Love. You." One of them says. "You are so pretty and you and Harry need to get married. Like now." Another one says. They ask for pictures, and you smile and accept. They take more pictures with you then they do with Harry.

Niall: You and Niall were in the airport in London. You had just returned from a trip to Mullingar to see his Maura. There is a lot of fans waiting there, and Niall, being the sweetheart he is, decides to talk to some of them. He goes up to a little girl, and kneels down beside her. "How old are you?" He asked the girl. "4." She replied back. He talked to her for a bit, before she stopped and looked at you. "Is that your girlfriend?" She asked. "Yes, it is." He said with a smile. "She's very pretty." She said.

Louis: "You are so pretty why can't I look like you. And Louis? He doesn't deserve you." Fans were coming up to you at the boys signing. You tried to stay in the back, thinking that all the fans were just going to give you hate, but one girl found you and came up to you. "Thank you." you say. She smiled. "Can I please have a picture with you? it would mean so much!" You smile and take a picture with the fan. "Thank you!!" She walked away screaming.

Liam: "Liam! (Y/N)!" The fans were calling from behind you. They found you guys walking around the city holding hands. "Hello girls." Liam said. You smiled and waved. "Can we have a picture Liam?" You stand there as he takes a picture with the girls. "Um... (Y/N), can we have a picture?" They ask. "I don't take pictures with fans. I'm sorry." They smile and hug you,and then take a picture of you and Liam walking away.

Zayn: You are sitting at a concert, surrounded byscreaming One Direction fans. The boys are singing, and you are watching Zayn. He smiles at you. You feel a girl tap you on the shoulder. You turn to look at the two girls. "Oh my god it's really her." She squeals. "YOU'RE ZAYN MALIKS GIRLFRIEND." She smiled and screams. "Yeah, that's me." You say back. "What's it like dating him?" They ask. You end up talking to them the entire night.