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One Direction Imagines
Story published September 2, 2013 · updated 4 months ago · completed · 107 pages · 3,877 readers · 32,346 reads
Harry Imagine - Ho
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Harry Imagine - Homecoming

It was the night you had been waiting for for ages. It was the home coming dance. You had a beautiful dress that you spent ages trying to find, and, of course a date.
Zack: Hey, I don’t want to go tonight. It was a dare, Alec said I couldn’t get Louis Tomlinson’s sister to go with me
Well you had a date. You felt tears brim the sides of your eyes, but you pushed them back. You slipped out of your dress and took off your heels, and put on a baggy shirt and sweat pants on instead.
You walked down stairs, hearing all the boys laughing, having a good time. They all turned towards you with confused looks.
“Why aren’t you dressed yet? Zacks going to be here any minute.” Louis said. You looked over at them, and flashed a smile.
“I’m not going. He only asked me cause it was a dare, because Alec didn’t believe him when he said he could get Louis Tomlinsons sister to go with him.” You said, still trying to put on a smile.
They all looked down, feeling bad. You felt bad about snapping at them. “Guys, its fine. Its just a stupid dance. Plus everyone said it wasn’t any fun last year, I don’t mind.” You lied. People said it was amazing, just as amazing as prom. But you made it sound as if it was no big deal.
You walked towards the kitchen to get some water.
“(y/n) go get dressed.” You turned towards the direction of the voice, and smiled when you saw Harry on this feet.
“W-what?” You said, slightly confused.
“I’ll take you, I know how long you’ve been waiting for this. Now what colors your dress so I know what tie to wear.” He said smiling.
“Thankyou Hazza.” You said, hugging him, “And its dark blue.” You said, before you ran back up to your room.
You heard someone knock on your door.
“Come in.” You said, still in your pjs.
“How about we change your hair and makeup, give Harry a little surprise.” Zayn said.
About half an hour later you were done, and happy about the way you looked. Luckily you weren’t going to be late, if you left in the next fifteen minutes. You and Zack had planned to go to dinner before hand.
You heard Harry laugh down stairs and smiled.
“Now introducing the one and only (y/n) Tomlinson.” Zayn said, as you walked down the stairs.
“(y/n), you look, wow.” Harry said, slightly speechless and breath taken. You blushed madly as you walked down the last few steps
“Harry, stop checking out my sister,” Louis said. “And have her home by 11:00” He added, becoming protective. Harry nodded, and took you hand, intertwining your fingers with his.
“Lets go (y/n).” He said.
~half way through homecoming~
At first everyone was making a big deal about Harry Styles being there, but everyone died down as the music started.
It came to a slow song. You were getting a glass of punch when you felt someone pace their arms around your waist.
“Lets dance.” Harry whispered into your ear. You nodded you head and placed the cup down. Harry led you to the middle of the floor. He placed on hand on your hip, and took the other on in his, yours was on his shoulder.
“Thankyou Harry. For everything.” You said, smiling up at him. By now, most girls no longer had shoes on, including you. You had Harrys jacket on, seeing at it was out side, and it was late October.
He smiled back at you. “Your welcome love.” You placed your head on his chest, and let his steady heart beat calm you down.
You lifted your head, smiling down at you was none other then Harry Styles.
“You look beautiful, you know that right?” He said. You nodded you head.
Harrys dipped his head down, as you got on your tiptoes. Both his hands were now around your waist, and yours were behind his neck.
His soft lips met yours. Sparks ran through your body, and there were butterflies in your stomach.
“Yea I know.” You said.
Your dress: Sherri-Hill-Homecoming-Dresses1
Shoes: 1370319375-5-201231044361373_01
Your hair: 2010_2Bhairstyles-3
Your makeup: depositphotos_13288144-Beautiful-female-eye-Makeup.-close-up
Harry: Harry-styles-you-magazine-Fhotoshoot-2012-one-direction-32741462-1290-1600
You and Harry dancing: tumblr_m6oje9tKgP1qbzun8o1_500

if you see someone name, like a girls name that isnt meant to be there its most likely because i wrote it for someone else :) i tried to change them all, but sometimes i miss one or two out. oh also thankyou to everyone who comments/reads/hearts this, i appreciate it :) and feel free to share the link with your friends ;)

And darling, do me a favor and smile today, because you'll smile will make someone else smile, and isn't that worth it?