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Eagle's Shotgun Angel
Story published September 2, 2013 · updated 9 months ago · 33 pages · 138 readers · 627 reads
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Hey Y'all
Sorry but this is not an update because I couldn't think of a title for chapter 3 and I felt like being lazy today.
Just to fill y'all in to the reasoning behind this story. Aquila, the main character is based on me with some subtle differences.
One: She speaks French and Spainish even though I don't use either when she talks. But I am learing French and know some basic Spainish.
Two: She's a a bit shy around people whether she knows them or not.
Three: Her hair is my color brown and a little blonde and black. Not like mine.              
Four: She's a shapeshifter. And her favorite thing to shift into is an eagle. But we don't find out until later. (By the way she can use magic)
Five: Athletic. Me not so much.
Next Lucia is based on my BFF, Laura, also with some subtle differences.
One: Athletic. Her not very.
Two: Her hair is blonde (like Laura) with black tips.
Three: Crazier than the craziest person in the world. Oh wait...thats not a difference. (Hehehehehe sorry Laura)
Four: Also shapshifter. And her favorite thing to shift into is a cat. And we don't find that out until later to. (By we I mean the countries) hehehe
I would like to say though that I might not be able to update every day like I would prefer because homeschool is tough when you have little brothers. Yep thats right I'm homeschooled. Its cool but I don't get to see my friends very often. 
So anywho...sorry for not updating today and hope to hear from y'all sometime.

Who would notice him if he saved you?
I apolagize for anything i did wrong like accents, spelling, and other stuff like that. Also, don't own the Hetalia characters, but I do own Aquila and Lucia.