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Where were you? A Luke Brooks love story
Story published September 3, 2013 · updated November 6, 2013 · completed · 140 pages · 10,682 readers · 160,577 reads
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"Jai, what would you do if I told you I did something really really stupid?" The girl asked the laptop. She's nervous, it's not hard to tell. Her laptop is on her bed next to her and her covers are artfully arranged to cover her nearly 7 month baby bump.
"I don't know, Paisley" the boy from inside, Jai said, slowly and carefully. "Depends what you did"
Paisley, the girl took a deep breath before she spoke again.
"If it was something life-changing?"
"In what way?" Jai asked. "Bad or good?"
"Bad" the girl said quickly. "Or maybe good. Depends how you look at it"
Jai sighed in frustration though when he spoke there was a note of amusement in his voice.
"Just stop blabbering and tell me"
Paisley took her time and stumbled over her words.
"What if-" she started shakily. "What if I told you I was pregnant?"
She's still nervous, waiting for his reaction but she looks as if a world has been lifted off her shoulders because of finally telling her secret. Jai waits a while to speak, apparently he's too stunned.
"If you were pregnant" he said finally. "I would support you to the moon and back"
Paisley's face broke into a smile and she finally let the blanket drop revealing her rounded stomach.
"Thank you Jai" she said. "I knew I could count on you"

A/N: This is just so you know what happened before the beginning of the story. I keep forgetting that nobody actually knows apart from me x

I was looking for a reason to stay alive and along the way I found five