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Teen Wolf Preferences
Story published September 4, 2013 · updated 5 months ago · 39 pages · 3,434 readers · 22,834 reads
#5 You Get Hurt Du
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#5 You Get Hurt During A Fight (Stiles+Scott)

This is only Scott and Stiles, but I will be doing Derek and Isaac soon!!
Scott: The alpha's were back, and they weren't leaving without a fight. Scott, Isaac, Derek and Stiles were going to meet up with the alpha pack. You forced Scott to take you, you had been taking karate lessons and you took archery, and you were good at it. You wanted to help. But he did make rules. You were to stay behind him, that, you could deal with. You got to a multi story car park, you walked right to the top. You were waiting for a about 5 minutes before the alpha's showed up. Scott looked at you and signalled you to go behind him. They talked back and for for a bit. One of the alpha's got mad and attacked Derek, then everyone else joined in. Someone ran over to where Scott and you were standing. “Run” Scott shouted at me. Scott started fighting one of the alpha's. You ran behind a large pillar, your breathing was heavy, your hands were shaking. You peaked out one side of the pillar when someone put his hand on your mouth from behind you. You tried to scream but it didn't work, the alpha that grabbed you started dragging you away from the pillar. He pushed you to the floor, you screamed. “Now don't be like that” he said to you sarcastically. He dragged his claws down your stomach whilst gripping hard onto your hand. You screamed again. You were slowly going in and out of consciousness. You heard Scott running towards you. Scott jumped on the alpha that had attacked you and clawed his throat. Derek and Isaac also came and finished him off by breaking his head. Scott ran to you. “y/n, y/n” he said, picking up your head and putting it on his lap. You moaned in pain. “It, it hurts” you managed to get out. You were tired, you wanted to sleep. “Scott” you whispered. “I know, I'm here” Scott told you. “I'm sorry, I didn't mean for you to get hurt, it's all my fault” Scott said he was crying now as well as you. “It's ok” you whispered to him. Scott held you hand trying to make the pain go away. “Don't” you told him, you didn't want him to get weak. “I'm sorry” You shock your head. You didn't want him to feel it was all his fault, it wasn't, it was your idea to come. Scott lifted you up and took you to Stiles jeep. Stiles got into the drivers seat. Scott put you on his lap. He lifted up your top to see how bad the damage was. As soon as he saw the cuts tears came from his eyes. “Bad huh?” You asked him. You tried to force a smile. You got to the hospital and Scott carried you in. The nurse took you into a room in a wheelchair. Luckily you didn't need an operation, just a lot of stitches. Derek and Scott handled the police, your not sure what they told them. Scott was with you, you had fallen asleep you were tired after the stitches. It was the next morning. You opened your eyes and saw Scott sitting in the chair next to the bed, with his hand in your. You moved your hand to sit up, which stung a little. That woke up Scott. “Have you been here all night?” I asked him. He nodded, rubbing his eyes. “How are you feeling?” Scott asked you. “Ok, its hurts a bit when I move” you replied to him. “It's ok” you told him, you could tell he was still angry with himself for taking you. “I can't believe how close I came to losing you” he said to you. “Don't think like that” you told him. “Please.” You were the one crying now. Scott lay next to you on the bed and put his arm around you. You kissed for a bit, not wanting to let go. Everything was ok because you had Scott.  
Stiles: “Just let me come with you” you begged Stiles. “No, it's too dangerous” Stiles said whilst looking round his room for his phone. “Come on, I promise I will stay out of the way I promise” He was looking under the quilts of his bed, you walked up behind him put your arms around him and put your head on his back. “Please?” you asked him again. You started kissing him on his shoulder. He turned around and wrapped his arms around your waist. You gave him the puppy dog eyes. Stiles sighed. “You promise to stay out of the way?” he asked you. You smiled and nodded your head. You kissed him. “If something happens I will never forgive myself” he told you. “I'll be fine” you reassured him. An hour had passed and you, Scott, Stiles and Derek were waiting in an old abandoned shop. You heard someone walking towards you, you looked around and saw 3 men and a girl who looked about 17. As they were walking towards you, you felt Stiles grabbing your hand. You looked down at your hand which was know intertwined with Stiles’s. You then looked at him. He was standing as if he wasn't afraid, but you looked into his eyes and you could tell he was petrified. Derek and the 'leader' of the pack started talking, they were trying to find out why they were killing people. Over the past couple of weeks the 4 of them had been killing people and Scott, Stiles and Derek wanted to know why. It wasn't long before Derek got irritated and ran over to the other pack. He went at one of the boys and ripped their throat apart. The 'leader' of the pack was angry now. A fight started between the two sides. “Get out of here” Scott called to you and Stiles. “Come on” Stiles told you. Still hand in hand you and Stiles ran towards the car. A werewolf was coming up behind the two of you. “Get to the car” Stiles told you. You quickly kissed him one last time. “Over here” Stiles shouted at the werewolf. You saw him run through one of the doors in the shop. You ran to the car and slid down the side of it, you were out of breathe and worried about Stiles. You were crying to yourself. “Come on Stiles, come on Stiles” you repeated to your self. All of a sudden the window smashed, you covered your head with your hands. “Look what we have here” it was the teenage girl that had come with the other pack. There was glass everywhere. She kicked you in the chest so you were lying in the glass. You felt glass in your back. You screamed in pain. “Shhh” she said to you pressing down harder and harder with her foot on your chest. Your breathing got worse, you felt your self slowly dying. You tried moving her foot away from your chest but it was no use, she had super strength. Her foot lifted of your chest and she fell onto the floor, Stiles had hit her with the baseball bat. Derek then came over and killed her. Stiles quickly ran to your side. So did Scott. Your back hurt. Stiles slowly took out the pieces of glass. “I'm sorry” he told you. You were crying hysterically now, Stiles was also crying. Stiles went to lift you up, but was stopped by Scott. “Stiles” Scott said. You both knew what Scott meant. Stiles was too upset if he carried you, he would end up dropping you and hurt you even more. Stiles nodded, wiping his eyes. Scott put you lying down in the back of Derek's car, your head rested on Stiles lap. You still hadn't gotten your breathe back fully yet. Luckily Scott's inhaler was in the back of the other car that had gotten smashed. Scott ran over to get it and gave it to Stiles through the window. Stiles gave it to you. It helped a little but not much. Stiles was playing with your hair. “Derek take them to the hospital, I will sort out this car, I will meet you there in a bit” Scott told Derek. Derek nodded and got in the car. You were on your way to the hospital, you screamed and cried all the way there. Every bump in the road gave you unbearable pain. You got to the hospital and Derek carried you in. Stiles ran to the front desk, Scott's mum was there. “W-we need help” Stiles told her. Derek also went over to the front desk. Melissa got a gurney and Derek laid you on it. Stiles also had a cut on his face from one of the werewolves which he had to get stitched up. The nurses examined you while Stiles was getting checked out. You had to have an operation on your back because the glass went really deep. It had been a couple of hours after the operation and you were lying in your hospital bed. You woke up and Stiles was lying in the chair next to you, hanging over both ends of the chair. You didn't want to wake him up. You were watching Stiles sleep, he rolled over and fell off the chair. He quickly stood up. He looked at you watching him. You both started laughing. “Are you ok?” he asked you. “I'm fine” you replied. “How about you?” you asked him. “I'm ok” he replied. He walked over to you and sat on the end of the bed. “I'm sorry, I should never of taken you”. “It wasn't your fault, I practically forced you to take me”. You told him. Stiles started crying again. “Come here” you told him. He came over to you and you hugged each other. “I love you” he told you. “I love you to” you said back to him.