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My Bestfriend - A Harry Styles Love Story
Story published September 6, 2013 · updated October 12, 2013 · completed · 117 pages · 635 readers · 3,297 reads
My sister is my be
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My sister is my best friend forever!

I don’t know for how much long I slept but when I woke up I found myself in my room.
My own room, but how?
I looked towards the clock and it was 6 in the evening.
Damn, I slept heavy.
I got up, went to the washroom and after washing my face I came out to see my hairs were in a mess, so I started to brush them when I heard someone walk in and it was my sister.
“Hie Lizzy, watcha doing?” I said it casually and kept brushing my hair.
“Hmm… I m ok.” She said while lying down on her bed.
“Hey what happened?” I quitted brushing and sat next to her.
“It is just last night, when u weren’t at home I had a really bad dream, about u. I don’t remember it exactly but I really m worried about. Plz, b safe.” She looked directly in my eyes and I hugged her tight.
“Lizzy, m ok. Everyone is with me and nothing bad can happen to me, u get it? Now come on wipe ur tears. It is my birthday! Where’s my gift?” I wiped her tears and jumped in front of her.
“Gift! Gift! Gift!”
“Hahaha. U look like a 3 year old.” She said and looped her arm around my neck. “U want a surprise eh?”
“Ahan.” I said.
“Then go to the dining room, u’ll find ur surprise.” She said and pushed me towards the door.
“Okay… u don’t wanna come?” I asked when I turned to her to seem lying on the bed, eyes closed.
“Nopes… go n see for urself.” She said still closing ur eyes.
“Well ok.” I came out of my room and closed the door behind me. I started to walk to the dining room, I couldn’t see mom in her room.
That’s suspicious.
I was walking towards the dining room when my mom popped from nowhere and blind folded me.
“Hey! Who is this!” I knew that it was mom but some sentences come out without being noticed.
“Honey, just walk straight, don’t turn. Okay? U got it?” My mom asked holding me by the shoulders.
“Yes mam!” I saluted her and smiled.
I started to walk straight as I was supposed. I kept walking for like 30 seconds when I bumped into someone.
Who’s this? I…. I…. know this scent!

“Dad?” When I just said it that guy or most probably dad hugged me tight like he was not letting me go forever, I just don’t know what happened but I didn’t see my father for like 1 and a half year and I waited desperately for this hug, I started to cry. I started to cry in his coat and he kept patting my hair.
“Honey… it’s okay, dad is here now, right? No one is gonna hurt my sugar bunch.” He kept patting my back and head for like 5 mins and I kept hugging him and crying.
I always loved me father, he was my inspiration and he was my support. I worked hard mostly for him and to make him proud of me. He is a huge business man but when I see his hands sometime really closely, they are hard, hardened by the work he continuously do for the family. I missed him every moment when I woke up. But now he is here. He is with me, he is by my side.
“I missed u dad, a lot.” I said snuggling in his coat.
“I missed u too, love.” He said and pulled me and took off the blind fold of my eyes.
I was shocked to see him. He grew old, his hair starting to be white. But his face was the same one, the same smile, the same looks. I kissed his cheek. And he looped his arm around me and we turned to see, my sis and my mum crying, my dad gestured them to come towards us and v had a huge family hug.
I so needed this.
Once we pulled away, Lizzy went to the kitchen to bring hot chocolate. I went to help her.
“So u loved ur gift? I called dad so that he can give u a surprise.” She said while putting the bowls on the tray.
“Lizzy! U did this? I love u!” I jumped into her arms and v had a huge hug.
We pulled away and went to the dining room and had our hot chocolate and chatted till for a long time, when I heard my phone ring. I went to the room, to see that Harold was calling me.
“Hie Bells!” He said cheerfully.
“Hey, Harold. Wassup?” I asked.
“Nothing much. Get ready in like 1 hr I m coming to pick u! V all r going to have dinner for ur birthday.” He said.
“Oh… but my dad is here, I don’t have any dress and…” I was trying to explain him when I felt a hand on my shoulder, I turned around to see my dad. He gestured me to say yes.
I totally forgot to close the speaker! Shoot.
I closed the speaker and said, “Yeah, ok” nicely and he hung up.
“Dad? How m gonna go n buy a nice dress in like 1 hr?” I was trying to say something when he looped his arm and brought me to the drawing and gave me a huge shopper.
“What?” When he cut me off by putting his fingers on his lips and asking me to do it too.
“Fine… dad” I smiled and started to go out of room, but I ran back and huge him tight and said, “I love u dad and thank you.”
He whispered back, “I love u too, daughter.”
I went out of the room and opened to bag to find the clothes I ever wanted! It was a tee of blue color and white skinny jeans, it had a side bag of blue color and white heels. With it was a really expensive watch and a real pearl bracelet.
It was perfect!
I quickly went it in the washroom to take a nice bath and when I came out dressed in my new clothes I started to twirling around my room looking at all my activities in the full length mirror. I took two pins and took some of my hair and pinned them to the side, letting all the rest of the hair flow. I wore my heels, my bracelet and my watch. Wore the bag which came to the side of my waist and kept my iphone in it. I went to the dressing table and applied liner to my eyes and a pink shade on my lips.
Once I was done I got a message from Harold to come out. Once I came out I got to see the car standing on my porch and I hopped in it just to see Harold sitting there, smiling his wide smile.
“U look out of this world!” he said and kissed my cheek.
“Hey! Stop being cheeky” I winked.
“N who can stop me?” he said leaning closer to my face.
“My tickles!” I started to tickle him and soon he surrendered.
“Good that u surrendered soon, or else my hairs would have become messy!” I smiled
“I will do anything for that smile.” He said and I shot a confused glance at him.
The car ride went without a word when we stopped.
I got out of the car and couldn't believe my eyes!