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Story published September 6, 2013 · updated 3 weeks ago · 62 pages · 1,553 readers · 5,681 reads
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                              -The picture is the drawing of the mural (it's the school's mascot)

 What if you were born with a marking on the side of your face and it would determine who you are soul mates with? Everyone's is different. You don't get a list saying who it's going to be, you have to meet them when the time comes. Most people find out when they are fifteen, but I am eighteen already and I still haven't found mine. Not that I believe in that mumbo-jumbo. All my friends have already found theirs and you can't separate them. But who cares about having a soul mate, right now all I have time to think about is school. I am a senior in high school. I attend Mone High School. I got up out of bed, and went and took a shower. As soon as I poured out the shampoo on my hand, my bathroom smelled of mint and rosemary. When I finished showering, I got dressed in a pair of jeans, red and black longsleeve since it is winter, and put on a pair of sneakers, completing the look with my red and black hair pulled into a slopy ponytail. 
                                                                                                *        *        *                                                          At school
''Hey Sumeria.'' said Matt. Matt was one of my only friends and he had already found his soul mate, Carol.
''Hey Matt. Carol.'' I said acknowledging them both. I began to stick my books inside my locker, and grabbed my Art stuff. ''What are you guys up to?"
''We were just heading to class. I really don't want to have Mr. Weinstein.'' Mr. Weinstein was one of the science teachers and he spoke like a robot. I rolled my eyes at her comment. We continued walking with each other and then we parted when we went in different directions. I sat down at the back of the classroom where I usually sit, and I was the first person to get there. The classroom started to fill in with people, and then when the bell rang, Mrs. Perri began her lecture for the day. In the middle of her lecture, a guy with black side swept hair, hazel eyes, and was wearing all black walked into the room. ''Class this is the new student Jace.'' said Ms. Perri. She told him to take a seat and of all the empty seats in the room, he sat next to me. She finished her lecture and then told us that we had to work in a group with the person sitting next to you and create a mural on one of the school walls that she is going to assign us. I wish we could work alone but that isn't going to happen. ''What's your name?" someone asked me and I was snapped out of my thoughts.
''I'm sorry, what did you say?" I asked. Turning to face the new kid.
''What is your name?" he said slowly as if he were talking to an airhead.
''Sumeria Moonsray, and yours?"
''Jace Howell, I'm guessing your my partner?"
''I guess so.'' Mrs. Perri walked around to each group and told them which wall in the school they could paint. When she reached us, she said, ''You guys are going to get to paint the front wall on the outside of the school.'' she said with a smile.
''Thank you.'' With that she sent us on our way with a pass and some supplies to go start. I picked up my books, and bag and left the classroom with Jace. I headed to my locker and Jace followed. ''Do you already know where your locker is?" I asked slowing my pace so he could catch up.
''Um... No actually.''
''What locker is it?"
"Thirty- four B.''
''Oh ok, it's right next to mine.'' We walked in silence and when we arrived by our lockers, I showed him which one was his. I stuffed all my books back in the locker, and then grabbed my P.E. clothes and stuffed them in my bag. ''Who do you have next?"
''Me too, it's P.E., so you will have to grab your clothes. Did you bring any spare clothes?"
"Yeah, you ready?" I nodded. We headed outside, and began drawing on the wall. When we finished drawing, we headed inside because the bell rung. My hands were numb and were turning purple since they were so cold.
''So, if you don't mind me asking, I know everyone asks this but, how do you like the school?"
''It's okay, what do you think of the school?"
''It's school.'' I said. ''Where did you used to live?"
''Cool, I hear it's really nice there.''
''It is, if you like people and the beach and stuff.'' We weaved our way in between the crowd. We made it outside to the P.E. area.
''Boy's locker room is right there.'' I said pointing him towards them.
''Thanks.'' He went in there and I went into the girl's locker room and changed into my P.E. clothes which was yoga pants, a tank top, and sneakers. I had to wear a tank top no matter how cold it was for P.E. because it was the uniform, the same thing goes with the yoga pants. I stepped out of the humid locker room, and into the cold air. I was freezing because I didn't have on a sweater. I had forgotten to bring it today. Of all days to forget it I forgot it on a snowy day and we were outside. I stood near the coach as we all waited for everyone to finish changing. ''Okay, we have a new student, his name is Jace. Today you guys will be running laps. Get to work.'' he said and at the end he clapped his hands. We got in our usual positions, and when he yelled go, we took off running. I was the first one to cross the finish line, at the end of the two mile run, I ran it in less than five minutes. I went and took my seat and watched as the others passed the line. Every breath I took felt like I was breathing in needles it was so cold. Someone came without me realizing, and they knocked me off the bleacher. My rib was rammed into the edge of it and I winced it pain. I looked up and saw that it was Jace.
''You just got here and you're already trying to kill me?" I said with fake hurt.
He grinned sheepishly. ''Sorry, some loser pushed me.'' He said standing up and extending his hand.
''Thanks.'' I said as he pulled me up. Everyone made their way back from running, and Coach gave them five minutes. Then he made us girls and guys race against each other. ''Go!'' he yelled and we all took off running. Yet again, I was the first one to cross the line and Jace was second. ''Ha ha, in your face I beat you.'' He rolled his eyes.

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