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Bleach~Renji Abarai x Reader
Story published September 6, 2013 · 4 pages · 879 readers · 1,254 reads
Chapter 1: 4th div
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Chapter 1: 4th division

Another busy  day in the Soul society cleaning, organizing, and making sure everything is doing well ever since our captain died in the fourth division. Every one in this division and everything has been a bit sloppy, and I have been in charge to make every one fall in line I may not be captain, but I'm aiming for that position. "Oh hey ( y/n) " said Hanataro while smiling softly. "Hi Hanataro. Are you ready for the day ?" I said while grabbing our supplies and pushing him lightly while laughing. As we cleaned the rooms and hall way we spoke here and there just to pass the time, but then I just decided we had been working for too long. We got our lunches out and started to eat in one of the rooms we were cleaning then I started looking out the window while taking a bite out of my dumpling the soft texture , the touch of honey on the top just melted away in my mouth. "Umm... are you okay (y/n). You seem concerned .. !!... You don't need to tell me if you don't want to I mean . Ha..ha" Hanataro said while trying not to stare. 
    I looked down at my dumpling, and took another bite.I closed my eyes and said , " Do you have those days that you just feel like the day is sad or just heavy ?... Well I do it's one of those days, but don't worry I'll be better soon " I gave him a smile to make him relax. "Oh !!.. Yes I actually do, but you normally talk more or maybe your tired too since you have been doing much more work ." He said concerned for my well being." I'm ok no really I may be a bit tired still you know me come on let's finish early so we can rest early.!! I said while eating the rest of my dumpling and drinking my tea from my bamboo bottle. He had finish long before me and I cleaned were we ate and continued cleaning when we were done I made sure I marked the rooms we cleaned, and checked if there were any request they had made for the day. "Next room is Ikkaku's and he asked for more ointment .hmm " I said loudly while thinking Ikkaku must be training a lot since he ask for more yesterday I will leave some extra then . He is my number one customer I thought to myself while tilting my head and allowing a caring sweet smile show. " Ikkaku's  room is often clean ... "Said Hanataro picking up his bed and things laying around. I dumped the dirty water out on the plants and went to get more ask quick as possible.
We were almost done two more rooms and we are done for the day I said to my self. When I got back to the room I saw Ikkaku sitting while Hanataro tending to his wounds from training with Kenpachi . I spoke "Training hard again ... Hmmm if you keep this up I won't have anymore ointment for the rest of the month . Oh and Hanataro can you start on the next room when I'm done I'll end up in the last room we'll finish it together okay ?."I said while giving him a smile. " Sorry about that (y/n)... It's just that .." I quickly caught him off " HEY ... I was just teasing.." I said while giggling as I whipped away the blood and gently rubbed the ointment on his wounds and bandaged them  he turned around and thanked me " Welp must be on my way . Oh and Ikkaku if I were you I would rest up for atleast two days.
Ikkaku responded "sure thing oh and thanks for the extra ointment and tending to my wounds I know is extra  work , but I really appreciate it I'll pass with the payment tomorrow morning ". " Sure ... When you can its ok with me for the time being just rest up ok ." I said while closing his door. I quickly headed for the last room finally when I got there Hanataro was already wating for me at the door I threw away the cloths with blood, and open the door to find Yachiru picking up some papers from the ground. Hi HANA !!!! Hi (Y/N)!!! How are you two ? Said and asked Yachiru. "We are great Lieutenant  Kusajishi " I responded with a while bowing in her respect as well as Hanataro. "Come on you don't have to be that formal with me (y/n) ..!! Oh!!! By the way Kenny wanted me to ask you if you had some ointment? He will pay you tomorrow." She asked in her sweet adorable voice . " yes actually I do here you can have my last one for today " I responded as I got the ointment out of my bag and handed it to her . "Bye bye now Kenny is waiting thanks" she quickly left with the ointment and her papers . Hmmm she must be in a hurry if she left like that normally she would talk to us for a while. Once we finished Hanataro left and I went to my room back at our division there I had the notes from all the other members, on what they did I checked to see if everything was in top shape and it was the 4th division was doing great time and work.
  ~~~~~~~~~ afternoon~~~~~~~~~
 I grabbed my med kit with my spices and herbs to make medicine, and grabbed the papers and left to turn them in. After I turned the in the papers I went to see the sun go down from the wall while making my ointments and medicines I grabbed the spices and mixed them with the herbs grinding them together when I heard footsteps coming my way I looked up too see Captain Jushiro Ukitake to my surprise I rose from the ground and bowed "Captain what brings you here" I asked concerned if there was something wrong. "Oh I didn't mean to startle you haha no no sit down .." He said with a kind funny voice . " Do you mind if I sit here with you I brought some tea if you want some (your full name )? " he asked in a caring way . " oh umm.... well if you umm .. I don't mind Captain Ukitake" I responded nervously I normally sat on my own most of the time, but the Captain always had a kind heartand respected every one equally  sad that he had that condition . "Well here you go " Ukitake said while hang over the tea and asked why are you often alone (y/n) you responded " You see it's not that I want to be its just how it is most of the time people are doing their own thing, and I end up being alone also I don't like bothering others" I spoke softly while moving (h/t) out of the way and mixing the ingredients together a small frown came to your face the truth was nobody actually cared enough to spend time with me. I was just that hard worker in the 4th division nobody cared about only those who knew me were just for my ointments and medicine. Ukitake later spoke " hmm your so full of potential, and passion I wonder why people don't spend time with you if I could I would spend way more time here sadly I have duties ." He frowned and I said " yea I know what you mean I'm  tired , but I need to make more ointments hehe so here I am working still " I gave a big yawn and lift my right arm and held the elbow with my lady giving out a stretch. 
   By the time I was done we had finished the tea and the sun was gone I picked my things a hade made ten more sets of ointment, and was ready to go to my room and rest but since I didn't have to work the next day I just sat there. Looking at the stars I asked "Captain why are you so kind to every one including enemies? " . " You see every one deserves another chance and I prefer to talk than fight its not a weakness is compassion " he said closing his eyes and finishing his tea. 
"Thanks Captain Ukitake I have to go now tomorrow maybe my day off but I still got paper work. Oh thanks for your wise words I bowed handed him my empty cup and  helped him stand thanks again sorry to leave in a hurry" He smiled and waked farewell "My pleasure miss (l/n)." We went our ways and when I got to the room I set the bag down walked to my bed at the floor,and I laid my head on my pillow  quickly fell asleep. Of course being dead tired who wouldn't so many sleepless nights, and tiring days. 

Hey guys just a heads up I'm no writer so sorry for my bad grammar if so this is just for fun all characters belong to owner I take no credit also hope you enjoy reading .