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You Were Pregnant? [Completed]
Story published September 7, 2013 · updated 2 months ago · completed · 376 pages · 183,724 readers · 2,971,201 reads
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*Ariella's P.O.V.*

        "That's like the millionth time you vomited this week, Ari." Harry told me, shaking his head. "I've realised!" I snapped, walking out the bathroom. For the past few weeks I haven't been feeling well and its getting on my nerves. Why am I ill?

        Harry looked hurt which made me feel bad. "I'm sorry." I sighed. "I know you didn't mean it. Come here." He said with his arms out. I walked into his arms and hugged him. Even when I hurt him, he still forgave me. Harry's the best thing that's ever happened to me. I don't want to lose him.

        "Ariella, you need to go to a doctor." He told me for like the seventh time today. "Fine, I'll go this afternoon." I said, giving in because I knew he wasn't going to give up. He's going to continuously say this until I do, so why not now? "And I'll come with you." He finalised, grinning.

        Soon, his phone's ringtone echoed throughout the room. Harry pulled it out and looked at the caller ID. I couldn't get a good glimpse of it though. He looked almost relived as he answered it. That's weird. "Hello?" He asked. "What?... Now?... Yeah, okay... Bye." He hung up after his call had finished.

        "What was that about?" I asked. "I need to go to the studio. I can't come with you to the doctors." He sighed, but something about the look on his face gave me some doubt. "Then we'll go another day." I said. "No, you'll go by yourself today." He said, sternly. "Harry!" I whined. "Ari, please? For me?" He asked. I groaned. Why does he always do that? "For you." I said, giving in once again.

        "We'll leave the house together and I'll give you a lift there." He told me. "Okay. I'll get dressed." I said. He nodded, walking to the dresser. "I'll change here and you in the bathroom?" He asked. "Sure." I replied. I grabbed some clothes from the dresser and walked into the bathroom.

        I stripped down to my underwear and bra and stared at my figure in the mirror. Wow, I'm getting fat. I have been eating a lot lately. It doesn't look like normal fat though. I furrowed my eyebrows.

        "Are you dressed?" Harry called from the other side of the bathroom door. "Almost!" I yelled back even though I wasn't dressed at all. I get distracted easily. Even more easily when I don't feel well. I can't even be bothered to get changed right now, but I have to.

        I sighed and diverted my attention back to getting dressed. I changed into a sea coloured top and some white skinny jeans. I quickly put some make up on and walked out of the bathroom. I walked back over to my dresser and put some jewellery on. It doesn't matter if its just the hospital, I can still try hard, can't I?

        "Let's go." He said, grabbing my hand. We walked out of the room and then downstairs. After putting on my sandals, I grabbed my bag and waited for Harry. Once he finished putting his white Converse on, we left the apartment. We got into the car and drove to the hospital. We stayed quiet all the way there. That's definitely weird. Harry's the one who always starts the conversations.

        "I'll see you later." I said and pecked him on the cheek. "Yeah, I guess." He said, slowly a guilty look covering his face. Why does he look guilty? Its probably nothing, I should just ignore it. I nodded, confused and exited the car. I looked behind me to wave at Harry once more, but his car was already gone. I sighed.

        I walked into the hospital, and went straight over to the front desk. "Hi, can I make an appointment?" I asked, politely as possible. "Sure. What's the problem?" The lady at the desk asked. "I've been vomiting a lot lately and I've been having really bad cramps." I explained. She started typing. "The doctor will come out in five minutes. Name?" She informed and questioned me. "Ariella Reagan." I replied. She started typing again, and then looked up. "Take a seat Ms. Reagan." She smiled.

        I sat down on one of those uncomfortable plastic chairs and waited for the doctor. I was really nervous, and by really I meant really, really nervous. I didn't know what was wrong with me. What if it was bad.

        I got lost in my thoughts until the doctor called my name.

        "Ariella Reagan?" She asked. I looked up at her and got up. She gave me a smile and started walking further into the hospital, the way she came to collect me. I followed the doctor, and she led me into a room. I hope its nothing serious.

        When we got to the room I sat down along with the doctor. "So Ariella, what seems to be the problem?" She asked. "I've been vomiting a lot and I mean a lot, and having bad cramps." I explained. The doctor started typing. "When was the last time you had your period?" She asked. "Now that I think about it, last month. I think I'm a week late." I said, already knowing where it was going.

        "Ariella, it seems that you're pregnant." She answered. "W-What?" I stuttered. "The symptoms are indicating us to that direction," She sighed. "Let's just take a test to make sure," She passed me a test. "Toilets are round the back." She said.

        I got up and went to the toilet and took the test. What if I'm actually pregnant? What will happen? Will I be able to do this? I shook the thoughts away from my mind and went back out and handed the test to the doctor.

        "We have to wait five minutes." The doctor explained and I nodded. The ringer chimed on the doctors timer minutes later. I looked at the timer and nervously played with my fingers. "Do you want to look at it or should I?" She asked. "M-Me?" I stuttered, but it came out as more of a question.

        She passed me the test and I took a deep breath before looking at it.


        It read positive.

        Harry and I have been together for only a year, only slept together once, used protection and now I'm pregnant. Pregnant. I have a little baby inside of me. A little human inside of me.

        "I'm pregnant." I whispered, looking at the test wide-eyed. "I'm sure your boyfriend will stand by you." The doctor comforted, rubbing my arm which was on the table. I nodded and then started shaking at the remembrance.

        Harry! I'll need to tell Harry! Will he be upset? Happy? Angry? I don't even know.

        I'll have to tell Harry when I get home. The earlier the better.

        "Thank you." I whispered before I left the room as well as the hospital.

        I walked home, thinking. I'm going to be a mother at the age of seventeen. I'll be in charge of another life. I barely know how to take care of myself, how will I take care of a baby. I sighed and carried on walking home.

        When I got home, I opened the door. I walked in and put my bag down onto the drawer in the hallway.

        "Harry!" I called out. I waited a few seconds and I got no reply. He's probably still at the studio. I'll tell his straight away when he gets home.

        I walked to the kitchen and to the fridge. I took at a water bottle out, took the lid of and took a sip and that's when I saw the note. The note that changed my life. I walked over to the kitchen table, picking up the note and starting to read it.

Dear Ari,
        I didn't know how to say this and this is the easiest way I found. Ari, I don't love you anymore, in fact I never did. I love Taylor. She's my world. Every time I complimented you I never meant it. Ari, I left the apartment. I'm sorry for saying this in a note, but its the easiest way. Everytime I look at Taylor I have this feeling that I never had with you. I'm sorry, Ariella.
Love Harry xx

        After I had processed what had been written, I dropped my water bottle letting the water spill everywhere. What? He's leaving me over a note? And when I'm pregnant? No! He can't do that! Not now!

        I have someone inside of me that is half of him and half of me. How am I going to do this? I need someone to be helping me! This child will need its father, too!

        I need to tell Harry!

        Wait, no I can't. I don't want to ruin his relationship with Taylor. It sounds like he's happy with her. I can't do that to someone I love. Someone who cheated on my, but still someone I love. I'm not going to tell him. That's final.

        So all that time he said he loved me wasn't true? When he complimented me it wasn't true? I wasted a freaking full year with him.

        He needed me out the apartment to leave without me knowing, and without me trying to stop him. But why over a note? That's the worst way to break up with someone. I wouldn't be that hurt if it was face-to-face. Wait, who am I kidding? I'd feel the same.

        I'm actually happy he told me to go to the hospital because now I know I'll always have a part of Harry with me.

        "We don't need your daddy. We're strong. We can do this without him." I whispered to my barely noticeable baby bump.
"If you love me, let me know. If not, please gently let me go."