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Together (Connor Franta FanFic)
Story published September 8, 2013 · updated November 19, 2013 · completed · 95 pages · 1,020 readers · 9,999 reads
Chapter 1.
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Chapter 1.

Hey guys! My name is Jordyn, my friends call me Jay and I’m 19 years old. I go to college in Minnesota.  My favorite color is gray, my favorite food is probably just candy and I love Green Tea Arizona!!!!!!!!!
I grew up in Minnesota, not having very many friends. I got bullied a lot, and it really tore me down, but since then I've regained most of my confidence. No one knows this, but I had an eating disorder. I tried not to be noticed, by Lily helped me, right before she moved away. Who's Lily? My best friend. My only friend. Anyways, I gotta go... go read the story.

I wrote this story on a google doc first, so I guess that's why the font is all weird and stuff, but whatever........ OH AND If you ever see something written in parenthesis in the middle of the story, it's an a/n. KTHXBAI. <3-Lily.
I love you all, thanks so much for reading, share it if you like it, and leave some suggestions in the comments below, or give it a heart. Or both. Love you all! Okay see you later baiie.