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Our Love~Me and Jack frost
Story published September 9, 2013 · updated September 15, 2013 · 3 pages · 11 readers · 25 reads
First Lunch
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First Lunch

                The bell rang, you and your best friend try to find Jack and the others. You found them at the basket ball field. Jack and Hiccup we're busy playing basket ball, they we're look so cool that you don't hear what your best friend said. you got distracted. Jack saw you so he walk toward you. He is so sweaty. Well Hiccup, he's talking to Astrid and Astrid cleaning his sweaty all on his body.

Jack : "hey! you here! thanks for visiting." -he chuckled- "don't you have to eat? you should be eating by now." -he's talking to you as he open his shirt so he can start cleaning his sweat from his body and he smirk at you-
y/n : -you started blushing as you see his abs- "umm... i'm waiting y-you.."
Jack : -he laughed- "oh ya. i forgot! we should have a lunch time together today!" -face palm and he start finding his other shirt to get change- "sorry about that y/n! maybe next time?" -he looks at you-
y/n : "oh, alright Jack. see ya later i guess.." -you smiled at him softly and walks with your bestfriend to the canteen school-

Jack's pov

Jack : -he feel sad that he's dissapointed you- "uhh.." -he rubs his back of his neck-
                Hiccup and Astrid come closer to Jack.
Hiccup : "hey bro! umm.. you look sad. what's wrong?"
Jack : "i- i don't know.." -he looked down-
Astrid : " i saw you and a new girl talking together. is there something wrong happened?"
Jack : "umm.. i asked her to go out lunch with us.. but i can't, because i'm forgot that i had a basket ball practice with Hicc today.."
Astrid : "well.. you can skip the basket ball, you too Hicc!" -she punched Hicc's shoulder and she smiled-
Hiccup : "hey! alright alright!"
Astrid : "will you Jack?"
Jack : -he nods slightly- "alright, for y/n!"
Hiccup : "oh.. so her name is y/n huh?"
Jack : -he shrugs a bit- "well yeah."
Astrid : "come on you two! let's go!" -she smiled at them both-

                so they go to the canteen too together.

y/n's pov

                so you and your best friend go picked foods for lunch in canteen.. as you try to pick another food, you realized that Jack is beside you.

((going to continue it later~ hope you like it))