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Story published September 11, 2013 · updated 1 week ago · 21 pages · 498 readers · 2,343 reads
How you hold hands
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How you hold hands:


When you hold hands, it sends sparks through both your arms. Energy spreads through your bodies and you always end up smiling at each other because you both know you both felt it.


He intertwines your fingers with his and your heart skips a beat. As you two walk down the street, you can't help but think how lucky you are to have him.


He may be a simpler guy when it comes to holding hands, but that means the world to you. The fact that he loves you and isn't fancy with it just makes you love him even more...if that's possible.


You love sitting in the passengers seat just to grab his hand while he drives. It makes you feel jittery inside and you can't help but smile at your hands.


You love it when he laces his hands through yours. It makes you feel alive with energy and you almost beg to not let go.


Sometimes he holds his hands up when your both sitting on the bed. You like to play with them and weave your fingers through his, it makes you feel loved.

A/N: Hey! Thanks so much guys on 7 hearts! I honestly didn't think I would get any! That's great! I can't wait for tomorrow, I'm on the last chapter of Divergent! Then I get to go to Insurgent. I got the trilogy for Christmas and I can't wait to see the movie! OH MY GOSH!!! I have a sore on the INSIDE of my lip and it hurts like crazy!! Anyway, thanks for reading! Bye!
- Horse Dancer

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