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Story published September 13, 2013 · updated 11 months ago · completed · 337 pages · 6,737 readers · 142,138 reads
Chapter 11
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Chapter 11

He was just looking at her, those beautiful eyes making her to blush like crazy. "You're hurt", she said, clearing her throat. "You need to take that off."

Without a word, he easily took it off. Grace was giving her best to not look at those abs. She was really giving her best to not look at his perfect torso. She took one of show white towels and sank it into the warm water. She squeezed it, starting to wipe the blood from his wound under the ribs. He was hissing and Grace was repeating 'sorry' every time when he would do that. When the wound was finally clean from the blood, Grace took the alcohol from the first aid case, turning to him. "This will hurt a little bit", she said, opening it and putting it on the towel, starting to clean the wound. Even if he wasn't letting out those noises, he was trying his best to not move, which ended with slight twitches. 

Grace looked at the wound again from the distance. "This will need a sewing."

"Sewing?" He asked. His voice was deep, yet melodic and pleasant. He had British accent, something that would made any girl to faint. Grace was trying her best to not fall for that. Grace nodded, taking the needle and thread, ready. "I don't need the sewing; the wound will heal itself."

"Yeah", Grace responded. "After 10 months." Without his approval, she started. She was doing it really fast and ably, like she was doing this before. He was still twitching, but Grace said nothing and continued with work. After few minutes, the wound was smaller, but still red. Grace took sterile gauze and bandages. Gently putting the gauze on the wound, she started with the bandages. Even if she hated to admit, it was magnificent how close they were. She even touched his chest few times. Having somebody this good looking under her care was something interesting. She never saw a person this beautiful, and yet she was touching him. 

Then she turned to his face, doing the same to wound on his forehead. It didn't needed the sewing, but Grace again putted the gauze and the bandages, turning to his lip. She wiped away the blood from his bottom lip, frowning at it for a moment. She pulled out Chapstick from her back pocket, opening it and turning towards him. He frowned at her. "What is that?" 

"Something that will help you with your lip", she said, again getting closer. 

"No", he said, frowning deeper. "I'm not putting that on my lips."

"It will help you", Grace said with a soft voice, not in a mode for arguing. She didn't even know who this man was, nor if he will try to kill her. She would try to keep things under control. 

"No", he said. "I will not put that on my lips." 

"Fine", Grace said, putting it on her lips. Then she turned to him, avoiding to look him in the eyes. She was eyeing the bandage on his forehead. "Are you hungry? I can make you something to eat."

He looked her in the eyes and she couldn't help it but look in his. "Yes", he said, his voice melting Grace. "Thank you."

Grace putted her lips in one line. "You will have to go to the kitchen. I can't set the table in here because there's no table at all." She watched him saying sorry before she slowly helped him to get up and, touching his cold skin and perfect body, leaded him towards the kitchen. She helped him to sit in the chair. "Are you cold?" Grace asked, feeling uncomfortable since he was half-naked. Those muscles were making her more uncomfortable than it should. "Do you want some T-shirt? I might have some of your size."

"No, I'm not cold", he said, curiously looking at her. Grace couldn't stand his cute look anymore, so she rushed towards her room, returning with black T-shirt, a lot bigger than her. She never wore it, but she had it with her things just in case. She never thought that this would be one of the cases. She handled it to him and he put it on. It looked like it was perfectly fitting him. Great. A possible murderer is wearing her T-shirt. 

As she was frying eggs, she was thinking of a possible plan to know who he was and what he's doing in here. She putted eggs in the plate, politely giving it to him. She was waiting until he tried the first bite. He nodded with satisfied look. "This is delicious."

Suddenly, Grace pointed a 12-inched kitchen knife at him. He stopped with eating, eyeing the knife with curiosity before his eyes went to Grace's face. She was blushing, breathing deeply like she was trying to calm down. Her hand was still as stone, the top of razor-sharp knife pointed at his throat, but her eyes were frightened. She was obviously scared. "What are you doing?" He asked, not even blinking at her, like he wasn't afraid. 

Grace gulped, but when she spoke up, her voice was breakable and weak, not strong and fearless, like she was hoping it would be. "Who are you and why are you here?" Instead of stopping, she continued. "If you don't tell me the truth, I will kill you."

"Interesting", he said, getting up. Grace backed up a little. She was cursing herself for that. She just showed that she's weak and terribly frightened. He was tall and strong and maybe 5 times stronger than she was. He was around 6' 2'' and Grace was only 5' 5'', so, yeah, he was pretty tall for her. "You do not look like a murderer."

"Well I can murder when I want to", Grace said slowly, still holding the knife in front of herself. Both of them knew that she was lying. "Now tell me who you are!"

The stranger was still looking at her with those beautiful eyes of his. "I am Loki, the God of Mischief and Lies. And who you might be?"

Grace stopped breathing. Her heart skipped a beat. Holy Mother of God, this man, this beautiful and stunning man she took care of, and healed his wounds, gave him to eat and drink, was Loki. That Loki who tried to conquer the world only few moths ago. How is it possible that she didn't recognized him? Grace remembered what Natasha said that time when she met the Avengers: Thor is in Asgard, probably holding Loki in prison so he wouldn't come back to try to rule over the world again. It was him, this might be that Loki because there is no other Loki in the universe!

"Oh my God", Grace whispered, her eyes wide. Loki was just looking at her, curious. "Y-You escaped from escaped from escaped...Holy Mother of God, you escaped!"

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