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Story published September 13, 2013 · updated September 15, 2013 · completed · 4 pages · 1,744 readers · 4,976 reads
Trick or Treat
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Trick or Treat

It was Halloween, 1997 and you were about ready to pull your own [h/c] hair out. Normally Halloween never bothered you, that was until you had met the Weasley Twins. It's not that they had done anything to terribly bad to you, actually they were pretty nice to you, no it was their inventions that set you off. On Halloween your house always seemed to become a prime target for tricks and pranks. Why you might ask? You had no bloody idea as to why your house was the only house on the whole block that was targeted. You sighed, refusing to answer the door to anyone who dared stepped onto your porch in fear of another stink bomb going off and flooding your house with the stank like last year. No, this year you didn't hand out any candy or even see who knocked at your door. Instead, you curled up in your chair with a good book to read and sipped on some freshly brewed kettle tea.

Then a knock came at your door.

Your eyes never even left the black text on the white pages because you figured that whoever it was at the door would leave soon enough once they figured out you weren't going to answer it. But, the knocking didn't stop and they even went so far as to ring your doorbell until it drove you crazy as you threw your book up into the air and screamed at the top of your lungs. You grabbed your wand, it was time to teach these people at your door that you weren't giving out candy and you swore to Merlin that if they so much as had anything to do with the pranks on you, you were going to--

"Hello [Name]!" The Twins said in union as you swung open your door. You stood there for a moment before it registered that the cause of all your nightly Halloween problems was standing in your doorway.

"Fred, George... hello?" The Twins both shared a smile as they towered over your much shorter figure. You looked them up and down, neither one of them were dressed for Halloween and instead wore their everyday clothes as if the Holiday wasn't even here.

"Not passing out any treats this year [Name]?" Fred asked while he slipped in past you and into your house. George gave you a small smile as he followed his brother inside and left you to closing the door behind. You rolled your eyes, you hadn't been expecting any visitors this late and no, you weren't giving out any treats.

"No, not this year. It seems like every year I try to hand out candy I always get pranked by some stupid little twat that thinks it's amusing." Fred and George both couldn't help but smile as they both plopped down on your couch.

"Oh but [Name]," George started.

"What's a little treat-"

"Without a little trick?" Both boys were smiling at you as they had finished each others sentences like always. And like always you couldn't help but roll your eyes and shake your head. Those two were most certainly something else.

Word Count: 527