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Break Free |Ashley Purdy|
Story published September 15, 2013 · updated 5 months ago · 70 pages · 6,141 readers · 80,578 reads
15. My Room.
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15. My Room.

Cayleene's POV

"So this is your room," said Ashley, looking around. I grimace at my bright green walls, cluttered with posters and some of my own artwork from high school. He touched a poster of Kelly Clarkson. "Really?"

"I was, like, seventeen," I defended. I was still a little shell-shocked that Ashley was in my room, and even more so that my parents let him. 

He nodded. "Fine, I'll forgive you." He walked over to me and slid his arms around my waist. "Hey."

I smiled sarcastically. "Hi."

He kissed me, slow but building. I broke away from him, laughing. "I can't believe my dad asked you to call him Jim." 

"I can't believe your mom told us not to be too loud." His damn sparkly eyes were laughing. How was that even possible.

"You know what," I giggled, lowering my voice. "I bet Tilly and Bernard are going at it tonight!" I covered my mouth with my hand.

Ashley was laughing, too, and trying not to. "Your sister was right, I did corrupt you!" We both fell to the floor and sat across from each other, me against the bed, Ash against the wall.
"Did you see that picture?" I asked him, getting serious. I folded my legs up and leaned back against the bed. 
"The one where we're dancing and totally drunk? Yeah. I did."
"Shay showed me."
He nodded. "I figured. You were kinda pissy at each other all night."
"She doesn't approve of you."
"Huh. But she was so excited when we met at the bar that time."
I rolled my eyes. "I know! I think she just expects me to be with a guy who wears an Armani suit instead of leather every day. Like a bigwig lawyer, like Michael."
"I can sell real-estate."
"But I don't care, you know? I used to care about what everybody thought, but not anymore. I like you, and that's that."
Ashley leaned forward, putting his face right in front of mine. "Say it again."
"I don't care anymore?"
"No, that you like me."
"Oh. I like you."
"Mmmh. I like you, too." He kissed my nose, then my cheek, then the corner of my lips. I turned into him so I could really kiss him. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and he kneeled in front of me, hands on either side of my hips. 
"This is weird," I whispered.
"Why?" He pulled away only slightly. 
"This is my parents' house."
"Well, one, I've never brought a guy home. Two, my parents are right downstairs, my little cousins are right next door, and my grandma is right across the hall. And I'm here making out with you."
"In your green, pop star-covered walled room."
"Because that made sense."
"It didn't have to. You get what I mean." 
"Yeah." We didn't do anything for a minute. We just sat there, Ashley hovering above me, my hands on his shoulders. "You, um. Wanna get into our PJ's?"
"Okay," he answered, winking at me. He was always winking for no reason. Being stupid. Being adorable. 
We stood up awkwardly, and I went over to my dresser. I could hear Ashley taking off his shirt, and I bit my lip. I pulled out a pair of red plaid pants and a black tank-top to sleep in and put them on without a word. When I turned around, I saw that Ashley, too, was wearing red plaid pants. 
"Look," he said. "We match." He held his arms out and I rushed into them. I buried my face in his chest and took a deep breath. My eyes fluttered shut as he kissed the top of my head.
"Sleepy?" he asked. 
I nodded my head and untangled myself from him. I slowly walked over to the bed and sat down. 
"You okay?" 
I nodded again, and motioned for him to come sit with me. When he did, he wrapped his arms around my waist and gently laid me down, looking at me as he laid on his side. 
"God, you're beautiful."
"Hardly," I snorted. 
"Don't argue with me. You're beautiful."
"But I'm not sexy."
"I thought we already had this discussion."
"I just think that-"
"Yeah, shut up and cuddle with me," he cut me off. 
I mock-gasped. "Do my ears deceive me? Does the great sex-god Ashley Purdy want to... Cuddle?" I said, 'horrified'.
"You make me want to cuddle."
"Have I turned you on to my pure ways?"
"Oh, you've turned me on, all right."
I turned off the lamp next to my bed, and soon, we were submerged in darkness, accompanied by only each other and the sound of the bed creaking across the hall.

I know it's short, and I'm sorry. But I hope you liked it anyway. Happy New Year to you all, I hope it goes well for you. Who else is itching to see Panic! and Fall Out Boy tonight on NYRE? Love you all! -Ren