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Story published September 16, 2013 · updated 3 months ago · 58 pages · 1,970 readers · 14,210 reads
Chapter 10: Pancak
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Chapter 10: Pancakes Anyone?

Jess Lithium 

I'm an idiot. Why did I have to fall for him? I have a job to do and I can't let him interfere. I need the money so dearly. I looked over at Wesley who was softly snoring into a plush white pillow. He was shirtless and luckily had shorts on. I got up slowly, trying not to wake him. As I got up the floor board managed to creek and he groaned, rolling over to one side. I sighed and grabbed a hair tie from my back pack, tying my hair into a loose messy bun. I then went into Wes' drawer and retrieved some comfy clothes to wear. I wore his favourite black Yums t-shirt which bagged on the sides as I slipped it on. He was bigger than I anticipated, but I didn't really care. I slipped comfy shorts and made my way down to the kitchen to cook breakfast. I was too lazy to do my makeup. I searched their kitchen for ingredients but they were limited to only making pancakes. As I reached for the flour I felt a squeeze on my shoulders, I tensed and spun around to see a grinning Wesley. "Jesus Wes, you scared me!" I exclaimed, he put a finger over his mouth and pointed at the other boys rooms. I rolled my eyes and he squeezed my sides playfully. 

"Wow, is that my shirt?" He smirked, his breath tingling my neck.

"Yes." I breathed, a blush creeping onto my cheeks.

"Looks cute on you." He said, I smiled as I continued to cook the banana pancakes. "What's on the menu?" His husky voice echoing through my ears. 

"Pancakes, if that's alright." He chucked and inhaled deeply. Licking his lips at the wafting smell of sweet pancakes. 

"It's been a long time since I have had a proper breakfast, usually it's just coffee." He smiled, instinctively going over to their coffee machine. "Want some?" 

"Nah, I'm fine. I'll make myself some green tea." I replied, he shrugged and started up the machine. I then heard a yawn, my eyes flitting from the pan to Drew who was in his boxers. 

"Drew, get some pants on! We have a girl living with us if you don't remember!" Wesley whined and Drew covered himself with a pillow and ran back into his room. I let a laugh escape my mouth as Drew came back still in his boxers but with a new shirt on. He dusted himself off and Wes jumped up and down. "Drew!" 

"What!? That is my new shirt!" Keaton exclaimed, emerging from his cave of a room. 

"Shut it Keaton! I am just borrowing it!" Drew said, stomping his foot like a little kid.

"Remember what happened last time? You spilled wine over the last shirt! Mum bought it and it was cashmere you idiot!" Keaton stomped around like a little child and then Drew picked his nose and wiped it on his shirt, smirking while Keaton fumed. "Drew!" Keaton yelled, tackling him onto the sofa.

"STOP!" Wesley yelled, piling on top of both of them. I turned my attention to them and rolled my eyes. 

"All of you stop if you want breakfast." They all stopped what they were doing and sat obediently. "Excellent." I went over to Drew and took his hand, which was giant. I went into his bedroom and into his wardrobe, retrieving a plain white shirt and burgundy coloured shorts. "Here, you can wear this." 

"I don't wanna." He pouted and I rolled my eyes, stomping over to him and pulling off his t-shirt, replacing it with the white one. "I don't mind if you do that with my shorts too." He said, winking at me. I slapped his arm lightly as he pulled me onto his lap.

"Wes! Help me!" I yelled as Drew squeezed me tightly. Wes came in a did a battle cry, pulling me out of Drew's grip.

"Do you want me to help you put on your shorts, Drew?" Wes snickered. Drew rolled his eyes and slipped into the burgundy shorts. I returned to the kitchen isle and slapped my hands on the cold counter. 

"Who wants the first pancake?" Their eyes all flickered to me, suddenly all three boys were running towards me, pushing each other out of the way whilst yelling a battle cry.  

"Me!" Keaton shouted, fist pumping the air since he was the first to get there. I flipped the pancake onto the pan and handed him the plate, which he devoured. Wes sat next to him and pouted. 

"How about me?" 

"Nah, Drew first." I snickered, flipping the pancake onto his plate, Drew licked his lips and dug into it. Wes looked at me and squinted his eyes, standing to his full height, looming over me. 

"Bad mistake." He spazed my sides and I burst out laughing, he kept spazing me. I looked over to Drew and Keaton for help but they were busy laughing their asses off as I fell onto the floor, tears dripping out of my eyes. I realised how narrow the area around me was and one bad move could cause a head ache, however Wesley's ruthless tickling wasn't helping the situation. Then after a couple more spazes I threw my head back, causing me to hit my head on the kitchen cabinet. 

"Ow!" I yelped, grabbing the part I hit instinctively. The pain shocked my whole body and I was laying on the floor moaning. Wesley stopped spazing me and came over me. 

"Sorry." He said, helping to sit in a upright position. I rubbed my head and squinted at Wes, using my the last of my energy to punch Wes on the arm. He yelped and held his arm. "Jesus, what was that for?" 

"For my head." I said, pointing at the forming bruise. We both looked at each other for a moment and burst out laughing. What the hell were we talking about? He stood up and lumbered to the fridge, taking out a ice pack and sitting back down to place it on my bruise. "Thanks." 

"I owe you it." He frowned and I waved it away. 

"It's okay Wes, it's okay." He smiled and pulled me into a tight hug. His breath against my neck. I closed my eyes and put my arms around his neck. We lingered for a moment too long before pulling away and smiling awkwardly. I felt a buzz in my pocket and pulled my phone out, noticing a text from Jason. I clenched my fists. I really did not want to do this to Wes.
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