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Kiss me ( Jc Caylen/O2L fanfiction)
Story published September 18, 2013 · updated October 24, 2013 · 5 pages · 134 readers · 348 reads
the day we met
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The day we met

        One day I was going to move to Texas and I didn't know anyone from there. I just got off the plane and I told my mom and sisters that I was going to the store to buy some Arizona. I jumped on my penny board and headed to the store. I was at the Arizona area and I saw a guy standing next to me and we grabbed for the same kind of Arizona. We grabbed each other hands and started to pull my hand away and the guy pulled me close to him. I looked up and saw that it was Jc Caylen! " What are you doing?" I asked him. 
" Giving you your Arizona. Hey my name is Justin but my friends call me Jc."
"Thank you! Hey my name is Christiana but all my friends call me Ana." I said. He let me go and gave me the Arizona. I walked away to pay for my drink and he payed for his drink.
"Are you new or some thing? Because I don't see you around." he asked me and i nodded. 
" I like your penny board and do you know where is Starbucks? I am new thanks for asking." I asked him.
" Yeah I'll show you and get to know you better." after he said that he jumped on his penny board. He also yelled for me to follow me. I did and he lead me to Starbucks and I hugged him thank you. "

" Have you seen any of my videos on YouTube?" He asked me. 
" Yeah I love the one when you and Ricky, Connor, Ricardo did a music video for Give your hand by: The Ready Set!" I said to him. Then I got a text from my mom saying "get home now!" I text her back saying I'll be there in like 10 mins. " Sorry Jc I have to go. So text me anytime you what to hang out."
" Okay I'll text you later!" He said and We hugged to say goodbye. I ran out of Starbucks and jumped on to my penny board and headed home.

As you can tell I love Jc and O2l! I don't hate because this is my first story.

~stay cloudly